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Approved Log My lifestyle Diet Training Prep log

Today was shoulders day and I also added in triceps today to give them some extra volume. I also did lying ez bar tricep extensions for the first time. Just did 3x10 at 40 just ensure I kept proper form since it was my first time. This is 100% going to be an arm day staple moving forward. It felt great and I did them nice and slow to make sure I really felt the triceps working. Additional details below:

Hammer strength shoulder press: 15x45 12x60 10x65 8x70 6x75
Dumbbell lateral raise seated: 15x15 15x15 12x15 12x15
Dumbbell shoulder shrug seated: 4 sets of 15 at 65
Machine reverse fly: 15x60 12x60 10x60 12x45
Cable rope face pull: 4 sets of 15 at 90
Cable tricep pushdown: 15x60 15x70 15x80 13x90 20x40
Ez bar lying tricep extension: 3 sets of 10 40 pounds

Decided to do the lateral raises and the shrugs sitting down. Definitely felt like it made the exercise more challenging but in a very good way. I have one regret that I did not not do more weight on my last set of shoulder presses. Definitely felt like I should have because the weight this week felt easier than last week. Even hit 65 pounds for 10 reps so definitely making progress! All in all a great workout! Between today and yesterday I have had some of most enjoyable workouts I have ever had. Looking forward to more!

Edit: also threw in 10 minutes of cardio at the end on treadmill.
don't forget to update us on your leg day
Tomorrow is leg day and will be sure to post workout details. Friday is arms and some variation of chest press(barbell bench, dumbbell, hammer strength etc) to start off with.
On a arm day don't forget to do weighted Pull-Ups
Definitely want to but not quite there yet. Pull ups have always been difficult for me. Maybe because I have long arms or something else. Chin ups I used to be able to do 10 but haven’t tried that in a long time.
Tomorrow is leg day. Plan is below:

Hammer strength Squat: 4x10-12
Romanian Deadlift: 3x12
Machine Calf Raise: 4x15
Leg press: 4x15
Seated leg curl: 4x10-12
Seated leg extension: 4x10-12

Will add in cardio at the end.
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