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  1. NomadSpeed

    Approved Log My EQ Cardarine cycle Log (Insight)

    Would appreciate some thoughts and insights on a potential stack to be run. A little insight I'm a track sprinter concentration in the 200m, so it's that combination of speed endurance being looked to enhance. Currently 179lbs , 5'10, body fat under 10. I have a tendency to put on dense muscle...
  2. V

    recovery from half marathon

    My big issue right now is recovering from a lot of running, I am training for a marathon and am doing some split half marathons to train for them. My issue is I usually get a little injury and it takes time to heal. Need a supplement good for healing and recovery
  3. C

    Taking some time away from work

    I am taking a little leave of absence from work as I am switching positions and between the stimulus money and my tax refund I can easily live for a couple months no problem. this means I have nothing else to do except train and eat for the next 2 months. I want to weight train at least 5 times...
  4. H

    running 2 miles before or after weights?

    I hate doing cardio but when I do it around my regular workouts I tend to enjoy it more and deal with it better. I don’t get motivated to just go do it out of the gym. What I have learned is that I can run around my gym for 2 miles and that pumps me up. My question is I don’t want to to screw...
  5. J

    faster running time

    I have been running for a year now seriously, I do 5K runs and my time is down to 23:30 which is pretty good for a newbie I think. I want to improve my times further maybe down to 21 minutes. Which supplement do you guys recommend for cardio boost and recovery? I have a 1 year goal to do my...
  6. D

    cardarine concerns

    hello forum. so I'm starting this thread in hope to get some help from the community with my upcoming cardarine cycle. first off, about my self... (this part is long, if you don't care scroll down to second paragraph for actual thread topic) I'm a 33 year old Latino male, I'm 5'9" and I weigh...
  7. N

    Mimicking Prednisone

    Hi everyone... I was recently prescribed prednisone by my Doc for an achilles flareup and have been running my training runs at my old race paces from just 3 or 4 years back. All I can say is W.O.W!!! Is there anyway to mimic the anti-inflammatory effects with less side effects (after prolonged...
  8. R

    Track athlete cycle questions

    I'm an endurance athlete (800m track runner). 22 years old. After about 3 months of researching on multiple forums, I am seeing very mixed opinions on the ideal options for an athlete like myself. I am interested in the increased rbc associated with most anabolics, the increased recovery, and...
  9. J

    Telmisartan endurance use?

    Has anyone tried telmisartan in order to increase endurance? it is said by some studies that it might mimick the effects of GW1516 due to the activation of the PPAR delta and the AMPK pathway.. The study name is Angiotensin II receptor blocker telmisartan enhances running endurance of...
  10. D

    Help with rs transaderm I have alot of questions

    Hi i am new to this site and i am interested in buying rs transaderm but I have alot of questions first Like I am starting to get in shape i am 5'8 and 150 pounds trying to lose weight and work on abs I am starting to run how this benefit First of many questions Thanks in advance
  11. P

    Painful Calves While Running

    I am taking 200 mg/week of Test Cyp plus Clen and T3. I am triyng to figure out which one of these substancesis causing my calves to tighten when I run, so I can eliminate it. The pain is so sharp, I have to stop. It's been about 4 weeks ater I started the test,and 2 weeks after I added the...
  12. V

    Help please need sprinting cycle !!

    I'm a sprinter and my season is almost here and I need help for a cycle for this one. I was thinking anavar stacked with winstrol or useing equipoise, I'm not sure which is the best for sprinting but I want what evers going to help the most and get my times down, I run the 1,2,4 and 4x1 . The...
  13. R

    Gear for faster recovery

    So here is my situation. I'm looking for what is the best gear to use to speed recovery in order to improve my performance faster. I'm 29. Recovery Is the main priority, endurance second, then strength. I don't care about size or looks. I am training for a military job where I need to excel...
  14. K

    Best option for a runner, help!

    Hi, I am currently working out mon-sat mon,wed,fri i go running about 5 miles at a time the other 3 days i am doing circuits and a lot of body weight exercises, like push up sits ups chin ups and all that stuff, i am looking to cut my running from 5 miles to 3 but really step it up a notch and...
  15. L

    Distance Running

    So how exactly does gear affect distance running, and more specifically speed/time, say somewhere between 2-5 miles... Ive read alot that steroids hinder this, is it actually true. Can anyone here actually speak from experience?
  16. A

    Need an amazing sports bra for my huge boobs... recommendations

    Hey Ladies! I'm pretty new to EF, and am still on the early part on my healthy eating/working out plan, but have managed to lose 20lbs since Jan... the problem is what I want to do is get into more high impact sports n things, but as I am a 38DD, high impact causes unsightly and distracting...
  17. H

    Natural Testosterone question

    Hey guys, I heard that sprinting for short periods puts your body in an anabolic mode/increases natural test production: like sprinting 50 yards, stopping, then repeat once your feel ready, but what iv been doing is running for 20 mins, then sprinting 3 times in the midst of the run...would...
  18. ThePVangler

    Training For a Triathlon and Bulking?

    Hey, I am currently working on bulking up and i am doing very well. But I have been challenged that I will not be able to complete a of course I have to prove them wrong. Plus I am way out of cardio shape, and I would like to be able to run a faster mile. I was wondering what I...
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