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Insight on on Cardarine vs Boldenone.

cardarine is the good base with equipoise around 300mgs but without a LOG it's not going to play out
there is no VS here, stack both gw and eq
please get a LOG diary posted training diet cardio
anavar shin pumps crazy style
equipoise 300mgs cardarine 20mgs n2guard
I would use both cardarine and boldenone as a stack but no anavar, due to anavar pumps.

The cycle would look like this.

Week 1-12
300mgs equipoise/week
20mgs cardarine gw/day
7caps n2guard/day (organ support)

@NomadSpeed you need to share your log journal with the community so we can guide you. Put up your training diet and cardio and supplements, it's a must.

If you want us to really guide you, and we have 100s of years of experience between us, you need to post a LOG Journal with your diet, training details. If you don't log what you eat or train now, open NOTES on phone and start recording it there and paste here. Very easy.

Please post a Log Journal asap for us

Please click the anabolic forum
top RIGHT, you see: +POST THREAD
click that

in Title: write your cycle name, like> My _____ Cycle Log
___ = the name of your log
example: My EQ Cardarine cycle Log
in body: write your planned cycle or cycle you doing now, your diet, training and we will help you along on your cycle

here are examples of LOG Journals
Thanks @MUSTANG_18 I'll be sure to add that. I appreciate the knowledge here.
Would appreciate some thoughts and insights on a potential stack to be run. A little insight I'm a track sprinter concentration in the 200m, so it's that combination of speed endurance being looked to enhance. Currently 179lbs , 5'10, body fat under 10. I have a tendency to put on dense muscle pretty easily. Contemplating on either incorporating Cardarine or Boldenone for endurance purposes and run along side with something like Anavar. Thanks for your input here.
Currently what training and diet looks like in this period of the season which is preparing for races throughout the summer over seas.

Plyo's and technical runs
Block work and overspeed session followed by a heavy weight consisting of
-Front or Back squats 85% max 2x3
-RDL's 85% 2x3
-Single RDL's 2x3
-Nordic Hamstrings 2x8
-Speed 1/4 Squats 3x10
Recovery session (Deep tissue body work)
Lactate Power session (220m, 200m, 180m) R10min (150m) (Efforts here are at about a 9/10 race pace)
Strength explosive day (Box jumps with a counter movement onto a higher box) 2x3
BB continuous 1/4 squat jumps 40% of BW 3x8 as explosive as possible
has been moc race test days lately distances range from 100m - 200m

-No dairy products currently. Soy milk and yogurt
-Red meat twice a week
-Main sources of protein (eggs, chicken, fish, turkey)
-Daily Caloric intake ranges from 2,800 on the low side and 3,400 on the high end.

Plant Protien powder
Sodium Bi-carb
Beta Alanine
High potency Omegas
Vitamin C
Ashwaganda Root
Tonka Ali
Vitamin K2 MK7
Racetams (Phenylpiracetam, Anaracetam)
Alpha GPC
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