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  1. NomadSpeed

    Approved Log My EQ Cardarine cycle Log (Insight)

    Would appreciate some thoughts and insights on a potential stack to be run. A little insight I'm a track sprinter concentration in the 200m, so it's that combination of speed endurance being looked to enhance. Currently 179lbs , 5'10, body fat under 10. I have a tendency to put on dense muscle...
  2. K

    Meldonium and Telmisartan for Ironman training?

    Dear all Some inputs are needed, so please feel free to comment and give your best advices. Some background info: I’m an age grouper/amateur triathlete training mostly for Ironman full distance and ½Ironman, 10-20 hours a week. Of various reasons (I do not want to bother you with here), I’m...
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