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Approved Log My Deca Durabolin Testosterone Cypionate Masteron Cycle Log

I did bloods prolactin was good my estrogen was super high tho, so do I need caber I don’t feel any lumps? alright so I go out for 4 weeks at a time come home for two I pinned 300mgs deca my last week on everything good then pinned 250 test plus 300 deca one week later everything good then I started drinking and I tried my wife’s oral Anavar then everything good then pined 450 test and 400 deca which probably with the alcohol put hella strain on my liver the my blood pressure started getting really bad I stopped var thought that was it and continued to drink then it got real bad I’m so stupid bc I continued to drink bc when I would drink my blood pressure would go down a lil bit. Then I left that next week I’m on day 10 now with nothing blood pressure getting better everyday can’t drink out here tho lol I do have test with me and oral var but other than that just letro caber enclo and yk-11 I just checked my pressure and it’s 130 over 68 but I quit taking high blood pressure meds yesterday
@RiverRat1220 can you post your blood work please
its hard to guess here
My diets good honestly chicken and rice and meat I hate salt, eat 5-8 times a day protein around 200grams hydrations good getting better almost a gallon a day, if my diet was bad I wouldn’t have made it to 115-167lbs natural in 6 months like I’m really committed, it’s just an underlying condition. I’m not gonna take anything honestly lucky to be here so no more compounds until I see a cardiologist
@RiverRat1220 oh great, can you post your meal pics then as you go for next few days lets see it
@RiverRat1220 please share bloods
share training, diet, more info
we really need to understand you to help you bro
I will I’m kinda thinking my blood pressure was high before like honestly it never dawned on me till I started checking it constantly it averages about 140 over 70 the shit runs in my family bad I don’t eat salt either I smoke vape but ain’t giving that up I’ll give up drinking but what if I got on the right blood pressure meds and ran a cycle would that be ok I’ve also crashed my hormones so that probably has a little help in why it’s at 140 when my production kicks back in I feel like it’ll level out at 130 that’s where I was before I started messing around but I’ll get my diet and bloods for you I’ve been so busy now this is before cycle bloods
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