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Approved Log Mobster - back on the grind log

My latest Purity Source Labs - EuroPharmacies touchdown
@ my gym. First time back at it. I've deliberately held back from ba**s out training so as to not knock myself back recovery wise. No straps, belts etc used. On my top set of leg presses I had a sense of ''grrrrr.... c'mon kick ass'. Nutso mode complete with me chest bumping the plates lol. No let's see how recovery goes. The plan is to see how that goes and then, if ok, ramp it up.

Power Squat Machine
warm up x set up, 80kg x 8 reps, 160kg x 8 reps, 250kg x 8 reps (all about 1/3rd my usual weights)

Leg Press
192.5kg x 8 reps, 317.5kg x 8 reps, 437.5kg x 8 reps

Lying Leg Curls
4p x 8 reps, 6p x 8 reps

Leg Extensions
4p x 8 reps, 7p x 8 reps
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