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Help comeing off 14 months in (test blend)

Sorry this might b long
I am 29 years old I been married for 6 years and have 2 kid 5 yr old and 6 yr old with her , I have made alot of positive changes but she doesn't seem to like me anymore and sex and everything isn't their and very sour towards me for a long time . I am making the decision to divorce and it's going to be huge changes and alot to take on. I have been running this test for a while now and I was thinking if I can get off it and back to my normal self then mabe I will think more clearly and be a bit less emotional during this period(also to not be a slave to the needle this young)I have barely had sex with my wife in the last couple months due to her emotinal state and that is really fucking with my head especially while I was blasting . I just want to be able to preform down their if I do meet a new girl here as I desperately want some new relationships In the future .

So I was thinking option 1
Stay on 200mg every 10 days for ever or atleast till I figure out what thr future holds n come off at a more stable time in my life

Or option 2
Come off now while this is happening and get some cialis and run it daily around 2ish weeks after my last shot of test

I'm not against pct I just never needed it before as I always recovered within 2ish months but I also never done a cycle longer than 18 weeks before without comeing off completely.
29 year old male , 220 lbs . Around 15% BF . I have been blast n cruising test 400 (test e ,test p, test Undeconate) I have been cruising around 300mg a week and blasting at 600mg a week . I am currently wanting to come off and get my body back to normal. What is the best way to do this whith tanking my sex drive n getting limp d***, i was thinking reducing .1 every shot till its at nothing or should I just get off and let my body start recovering
Hard to recover
I'm thinking trt dose for ever is the answer
@canadaguy94 its might be the answer and TRT is for many or it might now

are you going to start a LOG for us to really help you?
we asked you here, click below and still no update
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