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Help comeing off 14 months in (test blend)

get the log going
this way we can track you step by step
blood work is very important
that will help guide you along
being on a correct pct is crucial
a bad pct can delay recovery
you won't go wrong with trying pct
what is the worst that can happen. try it and log it
29 year old male , 220 lbs . Around 15% BF . I have been blast n cruising test 400 (test e ,test p, test Undeconate) I have been cruising around 300mg a week and blasting at 600mg a week . I am currently wanting to come off and get my body back to normal. What is the best way to do this whith tanking my sex drive n getting limp d***, i was thinking reducing .1 every shot till its at nothing or should I just get off and let my body start recovering
@canadaguy94 start up a log so we can guide you better........
The main thing that's on my mind is I always got terrible ED after previous cycles , since this one was extremely long I am wondering if I should start daily cialis when the test clears my system ? I'm going threw a divorce and desperately want my junk to work after this

I will try to make a log and get it going tonight. I appreciate all the replys
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