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Grade 3 Pectoral Rupture


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Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum with this being my first post. I'll give you a little bit of background on me and who I am.
In high school I was that funny fat kid that everyone was friends with, somehow got a girlfriend and after we split up my senior year I got dedicated in the gym and it became my lifestyle. When I was 16 I was 230lbs and was around 5'8" with 28% bodyfat. I'm currently 19 1/2, weighing 195 (on a bulk) and I've flipped my physique around and am down to 12-14% bodyfat. After my pec tear I went on a cut and dropped down to around 174 pounds and was 10% bodyfat for the first time in my entire life. Fitness saved my life and saved me in general, along with a lot of you the gym is my comfort zone and I've really been able to push myself and make a lot of interior and exterior improvements that I'm happy about.
Exactly this time one year ago I started "training" instead of just working out and I've taken my diet very serious and had it become my lifestyle.

In February of 2014 (on my mom's birthday haha) I had a grade 3 right pectoral rupture. The tendon is still intact but the muscle belly itself is what tore. I had a lot of bruising and now have quite a bit of a deformity with a pocket on the right side of my chest. I took a lot of time of my chest to let it recover and I'm finally gaining strength and size back in my chest. I've just run into a dilemma, I'm starting to fill out and get thick so the left side of my chest is growing nicely but the right side is quite different. I've read and read and read and read about peptides such as IGF-1 LR3 for hyperlasia and was curious if anyone could possibly help steer me in the right direction. If at all possible I would like to trigger muscle growth with site injections to help with the tear but I'm not completely sure what would work. I've read about Kynoselen that is used in racehorses to help with muscle tears but I'm just curious if it would have an effect on a muscle tear that is almost a year old as opposed to something that just happened yesterday.
I'm willing to do site injections if there is a possibility for site growth over time but if it wont help at all I would like to know that it's not really worth it.

Any help and opinions would be greatly appreciated and I look forward to being involved and learning more in this forum in time. Thank you all for your help
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