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Dosing Questions (sorry Clen releated)


New member
Hello all,

I am new to this forum and this is my first post. Thats the good news, but the bad news is this post is Clen related. From what I read from the recent posts this subject seems like it has been beaten to death.
My question is related to dosing though. I am completely new to all of this, and have never done anything like this. Creatine and multivitamin is about as far as ive ever gone before.

The Question:
The clen I recieved is liquid form. The bottle doesnt list much as far as details (for obvious reasons).
It is 200mcg/ml 60ml.
Now it has been a while since I took a chemistry course, but the way I figured that is:
200 mcg per 1 ml (cc) so there are actually 12000mcg per 60ml bottle.
Am I correct so far?

So if I was going to start my dose at 20mcg (based off everything I have read) that would be:
IF 1 ml = 200mcg THEN .05 ml = 20mcg
Is that Correct? I find it hard to beleive that a dose a small as that would have the potency to produce much effect. I was going to use just a regular insolyn syringe to measure, but I dont know if I can accuratly measure that small a dose with the syrnge. ANY SUGGESTIONS?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Like i said before I am new to this and really want to get this right.

If you would like to keep reading I will give you my background and plan, and would appreciate any advise you had there as well. Again, Sorry to continue beating the dead clen horse.

Age: 26, Height 5'10", Weight: 200lbs, BMI or BF ???high???

I was a high school and college athlete. Never much into the bodybuilding but used to be in pretty good shape. Broke my back in college about 3 years ago, a condition called spondylothesis (grade 2) and my physical fitness and apperance has slowly declined from that point. Then I went to the realy world, got a stressfulvery demanding job, and work atleast 12 hours a day. Very sedatary work and lifestyle. About 3 months ago, changed my diet, started working out when I could (pretty minimal) and started taking ephdrine type diet pills. Really enjoyed it. Dropped about 20lbs, and enjoyed the energy boost while working, but my wight loss seemed to plateu after the initial 20lbs. I have been off everything for about 4 weeks and havent put any weight back on.
So now I am starting Clen tomorrow, and hoping to have more results and enjoy the energy boost.
I am going to go 2 weeks on 2 weeks off, following 20/20/40/40/60/60/80/80/100/100/100/100/80/40 - 2 weeks and repeat for the next 2 week cycle.
Of course that is all contingent upon how I react to it. I will not step up the dosage until I am comfortable with the side effects.
I will be supplementing Taurine and Potassium. (following the amounts I read in previous post)
I also plan on using creatine on post workout days.

IMPORTANT QUESTION: I am currently prescribed aderall. Anybody heard anything about mixing the two. I take it for syptoms of ADHD, but really it just gives me the kick i need to read legal documents all day, I dont have to take it.

Also, I am scared to push myself to hard for my cardio workouts, so I planned on brisk walks and light cardio machines until I know my limits on this stuff.

I start tomorrow, so any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.

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