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Question about Semaglutide dosing

it's time to get a log Journal up and going
it will be huge to be able to assist you
log log log!
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Monstro doesn't believe in these types of drugs
monstro does this with steroids and hgh
I bought 10mg bottles from one of the recommended sources here. I want to start at .25 the .first 4 weeks then .50 etc

Question is: I am assuming this is 10 mg per ml? I am assuming this is a 10 ml vial so how many units would .25 be in the insulin pin? a 1ml syringe it would be 25 units (I,u) correct?
If you put in 1ml of water into the vial that will be what the strength is per ml for the vial. What do the vials say on it? Simple basic math. The vials are not that big and are only big enough to put in 3ml max, but I wouldnt put in more than 2ml for a 10mg vial. If you have any questions about semaglutide ask me as I have been using it with incredible success for the last 10 weeks. Have been blown away by how well it works. Have lost over 24lbs in 10 weeks without even trying. Eating what ever I feel like. My bloodwork is also better now than it has been in the last 30 years.
Hey guys thank you for responding to my post. I bought semaglutide from Umbrella labs (10MG) . I was confused I didnt realize it needs to be reconstituted. If I put in 2 ml of BAC water in the bottle and want to start with .25 mg (250mcg) per week I would just want to do 5 IUs correct? If I mix in 2ML then I would draw 5 IUs correct on a 100 unit pin?

Thanks again!
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