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Question about Semaglutide dosing

Hey guys thank you for responding to my post. I bought semaglutide from Umbrella labs (10MG) . I was confused I didnt realize it needs to be reconstituted. If I put in 2 ml of BAC water in the bottle and want to start with .25 mg (250mcg) per week I would just want to do 5 IUs correct? If I mix in 2ML then I would draw 5 IUs correct on a 100 unit pin?

Thanks again!
Correct. 10mg is 40 doses of .25mg
Not sure but you should have bought the smallest vial for your first couple months. I think 1 month is pushing it. I could be wrong though.
You can probably push it 6 weeks. Even with the loss it’s still way cheaper than getting a doctor to prescribe. Most people can’t even find it as it’s in such high demand.
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