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Approved Log Bulking Log - 25Homes

Tested shoulder a little yesterday. Did a chest workout.

Keep weight lighter today .

4 sets of 15 on incline press

4 sets of 18 18 12 and 22 on reg press

4 sets of Dips. 25 reps 20 reps 18 reps and 15 reps. Felt good and shoulder was fine for most part.

Got lot of tightness in my back again. Same area that was injured. T5 giving me hell so I started icing it again. Also got the stretch ball back out and Inversion table. Gotta keep it loose. Should be ok. Got work meeting out of town Monday so I'll be back at it Tuesday. Hopefully my back loosen up for me. Can't complain overall as I can workout.
@25homes you gotta get a massage, deep tissue on the back, its important
can you get it bro?

good training though
You have a gift for bodybuilding if you can keep your nose clean
icing a bad disc might not be the best idea man
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