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Approved Log Bulking Log - 25Homes

Good to see you're getting good results from domestic Supply they are a great seller
metabolism will definitely go up when you're on steroids too
Bros having a four pack even with that diet is impressive
Appreciate the kind words....Just getting started bro. I am eating everything I can everyday. I love that my metabolism this way trust me I do. Just difficult during Bulk because I just get leaner ever day no matter how Much I put away. Its crazy and weight going up still but slowly because I keep leanin out. Just gonna Keep eating at this point and go..
you can still bulk up and with extra food and still not mess with sugars
I will fall short on kcals I wont get enough down. I am taking 4-6k kcals daily. 2000-3000 coming from the Milk. The Liquid I can handle much easier so I would rather take it this way then end up only taking 2800-3800 kcals a day. I wont grow much in that range. I need kcals when it time to shred I will lock it in trust me.
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