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Approved Log Bulking Log - 25Homes

the lower the fat content of milk the more sugar is put in that's just the fact
bro what's with all the chocolate milk that's for kids I feed that to my grandchildren LOL
big Kcals fool. thats xtra 2k kcals a day. gotta grow....I am dropping BF% weekly and I am in a Bulk so the sugar obviously not takin took much of a toll. So I am taking the Kcals anywhere I can get at the Moment. Mark my works I will be under 10% BF taking in 4000kcals a day with the chocolate Milk. everybody body respond different. I am blessed with Genetics that will let me stay lean at 4000 kcals a day. appreciate the concerns but My results will speak for themselves. I need as many Kcals as I can get right now. Fat free Chocolate Milk is worst thing in my diet so that being the case I will be just fine
so UPDATE for 2-26-24 I fasted yesterday for 28 hours which felt good. got back on the Food Monday and training.

Monday 9am Muscle Milk

11am chicken and rice

1pm pork and perogies

4pm MRE shake

630pm shrimp Lobster and potatoes

830pm Muscle Milk

Also Hit my Gallon of Fat Free Chocolate milk you all hating on. watch it grow me!!

Trained Chest today

Incline dbell press 120lbs 25 reps
150lbs at 20reps
150lbs at 18 reps
150lbs at 18 reps
150lbs at 16 reps

Flat Dbell press 150lbs at 20 reps
150lbs at 18 reps
150lbs at 15 reps

LF incline Press 120lbs at 25 reps
160lbs at 20 reps
180lbs at 15 reps drop to 120lbs 12 reps

Pumps are great. Wish the Dbells went heavier. Shoulder feels pretty good get some shootin pain here and there just grind through it. Feelin really good and leaning out with the Chocolate Milk. Here is Pic Update. I am 207lbs so up 9lbs from the start and BF down. Some of the Foods. Will get pic of Shakes too that was requested.

appreciate all input and will take into consideration but I kno exactly how my body reacts to what. I know what I can and cant eat and still gain muscle and lose BF. I am not normal with the food and diet. My Genetics allow me to eat little crazy and lots of kcals and stay lean. I am blessed no doubt. Does make a little harder to put on serious mass though.
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