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Cycle Review - Its been a while...

if you want my advice stick to 500mgs test 50mgs dbol
and share your log with us
id like to see daily anti estrogen use and no more then 500mgs test
and POST A LOG now

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Thanks for the response, re: DHT could you please elaborate on your reasons for this and the benifits iyo?

As far as im aware its mainly for libido issues.

I also have Proviron and Primo on hand.

Perhaps the primo could substitue this for the same reasons? And this way i can avoid more orals

you can use primo too but proviron is best cause its got good benefits

the reason is when you use nandrolone your DHN becomes imbalanced with DHT in the body
this can lead to deca dick on cycle but especially when you come off. so proviron will balance dht without increasing sides. it is important to use any dht with deca though
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