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chance of fertility come comeback


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I have used steroids for 8 years, I went on self TRT about 4 years ago doing 200mg a week along with tamoxifene nolvadex daily. I feel good and my anxiety and depression seemed to improve doing this. I am currently 30 years old and my old lady wants a baby. I went behind her back and did bloods and found my LH and FSH are at 0 and my sperm count is 0. what do I do from here? If she finds out she will divorce me cause she wants a kid
You would need to do PCT and get off TRT. It's a very long PCT maybe 6-8 months but you can get your LH/FSH up and get recovery for sure.
well it means your HPTA is completely shut down. not sure what you expected, that is what happens when you stay on the sauce for that long

only thing you can do is come off all hormones entirely and take some vitamin E and clomid along with n2generate ES
there is a protocol that has worked for many in your situation... it would consist of hmg, hcg and clomid... hmg is the key here but this is the formula that is needed
Best of luck to you brother. But starting steroids at 22 and self trt at 26 IMO I’d say the damage is done.
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