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Bulking up using your diet the Steve way


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this is what i want you to do. there are gonna be 2 ways to gain mass and you need to do both properly.

1. workouts- hit the weight room hard, there is a workout technique in the workout section of the site (its a sticky as well) of a push/pull/legs workout i put together. do NOT do any cardio right now. just lift weights. you can incorporate cardio later on, remember we are bulking here

2. diet-- I want you to eat a meal every 2 hours while you are awake, and drink lots of water.

breakfast is crucial. i want you to eat some homemade/organic waffles or pancakes. sprinkle some whey protein on top. eat them with honey. also I want you to buy Ezekial bread or millet bread and eat it with several scrambled or boiled cage free eggs.

eat a snack after 2 hours. preferrably fruit or a salad/green veggie

lunch: chicken, turkey, pork.. pick one and eat half a pound of it minimum. with brown rice and a sweet potato.. dont be dunkin it with gravy or sauce or it will kill your appetite for the rest of the day! try to eat it dry with some lemon on top

eat a snack after 2 hours. prefferably fruit or a salad/green veggie

dinner: grassfed steak half a pound with brown rice and a sweet potato.

after 2 hours snack on some almonds and goat yogurt with brown rice or leftovers from earlier meals.

next day rinse and repeat. try to mix around the foods you are eating. but keep with every major meal protein, carbs, and calories. remember you are bulking!

3. get in 8 hours of sleep. your muscles grow when you sleep, so if you aren't sleeping enough then you won't grow .. people who don't sleep enough have a hard time putting on mass for a reason. now 8 hours is solid, but you may only need 6, or you may need 9.. everyone is different.. there is such a thing as too much sleep too, but you should know what works best for you.

4. grab a natural T booster that can help you get motivated and push more weight in the gym. you aren't gonna get big doing 100 benches, and 150 pound squats.. need to lift big to get big

if you want to take things to the next level with the help of steroids for bulking, check out my Ebook here>
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nice thread steven how come creatine during your workouts may i ask? im hittin 1 serving morning 1 serving post workout
lotta carbs before bedtime would be my only issue with that plan.

Pork...I'm interested in adding this to my menu. I usually eat turkey to substitute pork and whatnot but I love me some pork chops.

Is it really quality protein?
^^^ this is a bulking diet.. so yes you want carbs upon waking and when going to bed. designed for the countless guys who are having a tough time gaining weight.

this is NOT a cutting diet. I will be posting a good cutting diet soon.

pork is fine as long as you cut off the fat. just like any other meat
Nice Steve.

I am on Beast and Kat + transaderm and I am doing Madcow 5x5s.

Your post describes EXACTLY what I am doing and the mass is definitely coming on. I will cut towards the 2nd half of PCT and bridge to Helladrol to tighten it all up.

Your diet description is nearly identical to what I chow down, exception being 2.5 hours. I am not doing any cardio either, which I really miss!!

Thanks for the post
good job socaljack! i put this bulker together after my own trials and errors, and it definately will help put on mass.

machine: I tried to cover as much as I could in that post.. if there is something you are unsure about then ask away. its a rough blueprint of how to bulk, of course everyone is gonna have to mold things their own way.
I'm still using my old diet you helped me tweak a while back. I'm still too fat to worry about bulking but I'll keep an eye out for the cutting diet you mentioned you'd be putting up. See if there's anymore I can glean from that.

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