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Bulking cycle thoughts - Suss, EQ, NPP


New member
Planning out my bulking cycle which I will begin in a month or two, this will be my 4th cycle - 24 y.o, 194lb, 11%bf
Looking to gain a decent amount of size, not too concerned about staying lean.

I am thinking:

1-12 750mg suss250
1-12 600mg EQ (will front load)
1-5 40mg Dbol ED
2-10 600mg NPP

will be pinning Mon, Wed, Fri

1mg of arimidex EOD 1-12, followed by pct

doses are a little too high, in my opinion at this point with your age and only 4th cycle. EQ dose and Dbol dose is fine but I think test and NPP need to come down to 500 test and 400 NPP. You will need caber on cycle as well to combat prolactin.

What do you have lined up for PCT?
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