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Thoughts on this cycle

Which compound would you drop? should I drop deca or dbol? if I add masteron, what dose should I use? (I have not used this one before).
when i use dbol (~50mg) I put about 20-30 pounds of water weight In 2-3 weeks. The water weight comes off in about 6 weeks after I stop dbol.
i have winstrol planned for 2nd half of cycle (orals).
how would you change this cycle?
I appreciate your advice!
keep in mind monstro has different goals he is trying to stay in contest shape year round
get your log up and going as promise
we can monitor you the whole way and adjust your estrogen to make sure you don't blow it up too much
if you want to put a lot of water weight on then it's the way to go
otherwise go with some of the other suggestions on here

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yes what if you start developing gynecomastia on cycle
if you get a lot going we can guide you through it so it doesn't get worse
keep us along for the ride on this cycle by putting up a log
I know it's been said but check out the other logs on here it's really worth it to do it
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