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Bulking cycle advice

I started using steroids when I was in my late teens and I turned out fine
get a log up and going let's do this!
you are too young for steroids
BUT that doesn't mean you can't still start a log and do your diet and training for us
you need to think really hard about if you want to take the risk of using steroids at your age
you already ran a cycle but running another steroid cycle isn't the best choice you should definitely log it if you do
I don't care if you use steroids I'm not your daddy
but whether you use them or not you should get a log Journal going how are we supposed to help you without one

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honestly we need to see everything about you you've given us nothing to work with except that you're a really young guy
did you get blood work?
Look at the other logs on here and look at what people have posted
it's essential you give us all your information including your history and the supplements that you're using
if you want to get the body that will crave the females you need to get a log Journal up so we can guide you
otherwise we are guessing
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