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Bulk plan for guys that say they can't gain weight


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Meal 1

-Two large cage free organic eggs

-One cup of egg whites

-One cup of oats dry

-Two slices of whole wheat or whole-grain toast

-One cup of fruit any kind

Meal 2

-6.5 and ounces of chicken breasts boneless and skinless

-1 tablespoon of coconut or olive oil

-One and a half cup of broccoli or mixed greens

- 1/2 cup black beans or brown rice

Meal 3

-One cup of Greek yogurt or cottage cheese

- 1/4 cup of nuts example almonds walnuts pistachios

-1/2 cup of chopped apple

- 4 oz deli meat turkey breast chicken breast roast beef

-two slices of whole grain ,sprouted grain or ezekiel bread

Meal 4

Post workout

This post workout meal can fit in any meal of the day adjusted accordingly to your workout schedule

-2 cups of skim milk ( want to limit fat intake post workout )

-Two scoops of whey protein

-One banana

-One glycemic piece of fruit mango pineapple (something very sugary fruit)

Meal 5

-8 ounces of lean meat lean beef pork or chicken

-One cup of mixed greens or 10 to 12 spears of asparagus

-One medium sweet potato

-1 tablespoon of coconut oil or olive oil

-1/4 cup brown rice

Meal 6

-1 cup berries. Straws, blues, razz, or mixed

- 1 cup cottage cheese

-1tbsp natural pb

This is a general plan that will put some size on ya

If ur not gaining. Up ur meat one oz and adjust carbs a bit
For guys that's need more cal

First meal add another cup of oats

Last meal two potatoes

All carbs up 1/2 cup

And meats 10-12 oz

Original plan for male 6 ft to 6'2 at 160-180 ectomorph

This is a outline for a 3500 cal meal plan

With proper adjustment it can be 4000-6000 cal as well
Bump. Nothing is more annoying than when people say they cant gain weight. Nut up and eat!
Agree so so much man

I could go on and on about this !!!
I remember when I was first getting into lifting and competition lifestyle ... I literally had to eat till I felt sick and it was a full time jobs to eat !!I hated food so much never wanted to think about eating and I love freaking food!!

But I did what I took to gain and slowly did . After I got past a certain age and weight it became easier to gain ...

The question is for yall you guys is

" are u willing to do anything to achieve ur physique goals "

Or just look at the guys u admired and wish u were there ?!

No me ima get my goals and then some !!!!!
Exactly right nut the fuck up if its something you really want... i mean you can run ghrp 6 for $15 a month if you really struggle to eat that much, everyone can gain if they really put the effort in. I wish i was blessed with a super high metabolic rate, i hate having a slow metabolic rate, will probably start using t3 in the future.
I was gaining well, then all of sudden 2 months same weight, used to gain 1,2kg per month lean gains. I eat about 6 meals a day, i added more whey protein as well with protein bars now and then in day, rest enough and train hard but still no change. I am in trt dose test cyp of around 170mg a week. Thats the same but still no more gains? Will eat even more and see
im bumping this thread cause i have seen a few people posting threads about gear and not gaining when diet seems to be the problem so hopefully they give this a read.
Yea so many good plans out there !!man I know we got a couple other guys that can post up some solid plans !!

but seems more people stay in the gear section and less time in diet
section ! I think this needs to be a hot spot for us with sharing Meal plans
Experience and diet

The diet I posted is standard simple and can be modified quite easily with adding more ounces of meat or using a cup of rice here or there simple!

So anyone else have some good plans they have found affective ??
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