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Anybody run NPP after or with eq

sure why not
i did deca after eq without problems many times

just add n2guard and proviron


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What’s up? Long time reader/lurker first time posting. My stats are

39 year old male



I’d say btwn 6-10% bf more toward the low end

Have done every form of test up to a g pw, deca, NPP, eq, mast, dbol, tbol,winny. Have yet to jump on the tren train mainly due to already complicated sleep problems from sleep apnea but really want to.

This cycle I ran

1-5 tbol@ 60 mg a day

1-10 test E@ 750 per

1-10 eq @ 800 pw (no front load)

Added in masteron week 10@ 100 mg eod

Plan on running the same cycle week 10 to whenever I decide to stop but adding NPP@150 eod and dropping eq round week 16.

I’ve got nolva, arimidex, for if sides pop up but I’ve had literally none with the test eq and mast so far.

Ima also running tb500 and bpc 157 for a bad shoulder rotator cuff tear but after 2 years of it bothering me. I’m 2 weeks Into tb and bpc and my shoulders at least 50% better. This stuff has been a fuckin miracle to me so far!

My workouts are solid 5 days a week. Do a little bit of cardio 20mins a day.

I’m fairly pleased with the eq results as I’m the most ripped I’ve ever been and have put on some great lbm but am wanting more size than it’s giving me. Been on the mast 3 weeks and it’s REALLY starting to shine as I have low bf%. I’ve got some NPP that will be here soon and plan on running it weeks 13- however long I decide to keep blasting. I also b&c just so u know. I have many questions but I’ll start with this one. Has anyone ever ran NPP after eq? I plan on dropping the eq somewhere round week 16-20 and continue to run the test @750, NPP @ 150 eod and keep the mast in at 100eod as well.

So does anyone have experience running NPP immediately after dropping eq after 16 weeks or so. Thx for all the help and millions of forum comments I’ve read over the years. I’ve learned how to use AAS bc of you all.
Too long on cycle
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