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Any A.A.S. or supplement that will heal and strengthen and make men's plumbing / urinary system / prostate / gallblader etc.?

Thanks, everyone. Yep. As Steve Mobster pointed out there are what's called Kegel Muscles for that organ which strengthen it. Even though my blood test battery exam in January 2021 revealed a P.S.A. # was a normal size prostate. My olther doctor who had better resources (I had better med insurance), did an Ultra Sound, and told me my Prostate was a little large this was several years ago. The ultra sound of the abdomen to gauge the prostate may be a better, accurate indicator of prostate size.

It may be my muscles around the urinary sex organ (not the prostate), have gotten weaker. In fact, my on-line research indicates that the organ in question's muscles get weaker with age and compares it to weakening eyesight.

I'm just going to go to a Urologist because it might be a good idea to get his idea on how to keep my "men's plumbing healthy" and at optimum levels.

At 50 years of age, which for me is in the Winter 2021, people should do colorectal exams, so why not also go to a urologist as well, in addition to my general primary doc and my chiropractor.

Thanks again.
I know you hate the idea but I think going to a urologist is going to be the best option. Since they specialize in the area they should know what you can do to keep things in check. Definitely AAS are not going to be the answer though.
Just don’t scream too loud when he checks your prostrate unless you are wearing a facial covering.

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