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  • Dear Sir/Madam,
    We can Supply you the Sustaviron250 Injection. Please send us your confirm mail to our mail ID: info(ate)symbolicpharma(dot)com , [email protected]

    Waiting for your quick reply.

    Many Thanks,
    Yaw, getting old is not fun. Happy Birthday if I don't talk to you. You and Mrs. MA should fly to Trashville if you get the time to visit me and Paige. We don't do anything besides go out and eat, and go to the mall. She's not allowed to fly, so we are confined to this place. Her crazy parents literally fly down here every other weekend. So it would be nice to hang out with some cool people for once. Good lord help me!!
    Lol. I got your emails, bro. They were sent to my junk mail for some reason. I'm a little busy but I will get with you soon...
    Hey, I just want to say thank you for helping me out today.. You look good in that picture...
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