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5 day split and fatigue

Your push and pull days should incorporate your arms. Pull would be bicep and push would be tricep but you have a day dedicated to arms
Now a lot of factors come into play with this. Your age and diet has a lot to do with how well you recover and how soon you can work the same muscles and actually get the best results. Also your body fat and day job adds into the equation.

For me I am 47 years old and a little slower to recover than 20 somethings. I do a 5 day split, but mine looks more like this:

Day 1 - Back (Dead lifts, bent over rows, lat pull downs and some isolation)
Day 2 - Shoulders (For me the shoulder boulders are what makes the physique I shoot for, so yes it gets its own day.)
Day 3 - Arms and some core work (Hammer those biceps and triceps, with lots of reps, but don't for get to change up grips and such to work the various heads of these muscle groups.)
Day 4 - Legs (squats, leg press, hip thrusters, leg curls...)
Day 5 - Chest (Bench press, incline DB press, decline barbell press, finishing with some light weight volume flys.)

Day 6-7 - Rest and get the house stuff done.

I try to mix it up so that I don't work out the same muscle in the following day. Also if I do Arms one day then try to go to chest my triceps are burnt and it results in a poor chest day. By having a leg day in-between my triceps have time to recover before being expected to work with the chest in press movements.
currently doing a 5-day split but I'm dealing with a lot of fatigue
soreness has been an issue and I'm finding an overlap with certain muscle groups when it comes to proper recovery. What would you change? My layout right now has been for 6 weeks
Day 1. Legs
Day 2. Push
Day 3 rest
Day 4 pull
Day 5 back and arms
Day 6 rest
Day 7 abs and misc
Nothing wrong with the routine. I think you are over trained. Get more high quality sleep, more/better food and don't push yourself so hard in the gym.
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