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    Carbing up for workouts?

    What do you think about the theory of carbing up for your workouts ? I’m currently experiencing some issues when it comes to my energy levels. I feel like a carb supplement maybe dextrose would be a good idea similar to how Runners take a sugar gel during their long runs. would this be a good...
  2. J

    Pain in my lower back?

    ever since I started to do a lot of leg workouts I've had a lot of pain in my lower back it kind of shoots down my leg and I've been to the doctor and he said to just keep an eye on it and he doesn't think it's anything major at this time are there any supplements though that you recommend that...
  3. Z

    Stop telling me what to do with sarms!

    I’m 21 years old. 5’11’’ and 140 pounds. I feel like i have reached my plateau and ready for more out of my workouts I posted on another forum and some dude gemelli or whatever started telling me not to do this or that. My body and my choice I'm going to use s23 and there isn’t a thing you can...
  4. B

    How do you train abs ?

    I see all these bodybuilders online who have rock hard abs I dont get what they are doing cause i Struggle to have them my body fat is around 10% shouldn't they be sticking out? What are some strategies and workouts that you recommend to get my abs going and looking like that
  5. T

    Pre workout cutters?

    I need a pre workout that can also serve as a cutter supplement I am trying to get more energy while I train. Currently struggling to keep my workouts energetic and falling behind everyone else at the gym i train with
  6. S

    Adjusting workouts for more energy

    I am not a bodybuilder or anything like that. My current strategy is I do about 10 to 15 minutes of cardio then I do my weight training session which is usually heavier lifts to start and then I finish off that isolation lifts I was wondering if I should change things up and do the opposite...
  7. W

    I want to be ripped

    Not interested in using PED’s I want to get ripped like i see in those magazines What are the workouts that i can use to get that way Does it take doing 1 hour of abs everyday lol or is there some other thing to do
  8. M

    Transparent labs INTRA

    This is an intra workout supplement Its electrolytes, coconut powder, taurine, amino acids and other things to help with focus Anyone try this before? Will it help me during my workouts get an extra edge?
  9. D

    Missing sarms dosages okay?

    My schedule is very hectic and its annoying having to dose sarms daily Is there a sarms that i can dose EOD or are they all going to require at least once a day dosing? I’m 37 years old and work where i am traveling day to day so hard to pack sarms 5’9’’ 165 pounds and 16% body fat and need...
  10. G

    The art of weight training

    What is the secret to weight training for maximum results and benefits? Do you think it has more to do with intensity of your workouts or is it more to do with intermediate-term progression where you are training your body that way?
  11. V

    recovery supplements

    I have some harsh workouts these days I signed up to a meathead gym and its a great environment so I am pushing myself hard now which supplements are best for recovery that I can take after? I don’t want to be sore overnight
  12. S

    want more aggression

    which is the best supplement that you recommend for aggression really my main problem is I'll get to the gym and I'll start working out and just not have enough power and strength to push through my workouts a buddy of mine says that he gets so hyped up that he punches walls
  13. G

    Supps to take near a workout

    Which supplements are best to be used near a workout or before a workout? I'm currently doing my workouts around 8 a.m. in the morning. Then I come home and eat then go to work should I be taking my supplements before I go to the gym or should I take them during
  14. W

    How to plan my workouts better?

    what is the best way to plan my workouts ahead of them? do you map out a plan on paper and then put that into motion or do you have a different strategy that you follow when it comes to being right to yourself and not skipping out on the amount of sets your supposed to do ever since covid i’ve...
  15. A

    Getting high while on sarms

    I like muscles a lot but i love getting high in fact I'm planning on smoking a blunt right after I get off the computer and a second here. My question is do any of you like to get high and also use sarms together? will it affect my workouts? Will it effect how i feel when i smoke a blunt...
  16. M

    Bulking supplements

    what are the best bulking supplements I can add to my existing bulking cycle that I'm going to be starting. It will be a 12 week run and I will be also eating more food and and changing up my workouts to more of a strength based program
  17. S

    Best way to get vascular last second

    I like to leave the gym with veins popping out on my arms and I like to wear a cut off and then go to the grocery store and try to pick up women just looking for some tips on the best workouts I can do to get a really good pump going this way when I go there I'm confident and I can ask a woman...
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    how important is timing supplements

    how important do you think it is to use supplements around your workout. Example should I use certain supplements before my workout that are designed that way or would it matter if I use them after and vice-versa. If I waited till my workouts were done to take my supplements would it be better...
  19. L

    Timing for creatine

    right now my workouts are usually in the afternoon after work I finish work around 4:30 and I'm in the gym at 5 if I was to go in the early in the morning that sometimes happens to how would I dose my creatine and not case? Right now I'm taking it after my workout
  20. J

    Timing orals around my workouts

    I am going to be running anadrol 50mg a day I was wondering how I should change my workouts currently I am doing a split routine 4 day split I work my legs on day 1. Push on day 2, pull on day 3, and abs/cardio on day 4. would this work well on this cycle or should I change things up a...
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