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weight lifting

  1. B

    female steroid help

    I’m looking for some help with using steroids as a female. I started going to a new gym they just opened up and there are some very muscular chicks in there. My previous gym was planet fitness and this one is very hardcore, even the women there are strong. This gym has a lot of different things...
  2. W

    Weight lifting supps to use

    I want to weight train 5 to 6 times a week I also need some help in the gym because I don't have a lot of strength and I think if I started to use a supplement it could help me give me a boost I'm looking for something I can take either before I go to the gym or during the gym when I take a...
  3. O

    Hgh + eq stack

    hi. My name is Andrew. I am a 26 year old male. I am 5'11" and I weigh about 184lbs at about 18% body fat right now. I am a wrestler/Bjj/mma/oly lifter with about 12 years of combat sports experience. I have had many many injuries and surgeries over the years that have held me back and basically...
  4. J

    College Research Project

    I am a college student and would really benefit from your participation in this short, and easy survey. Thank you! :) https: //
  5. E

    What is your experience weight training as a woman?

    I am new to weight training and have unexpectedly come to really like it. I think it's really great for women to want to be stronger, but I think the entry point into this field is pretty challenging for women. So what I am doing is collecting research to better understand the goals, struggles...
  6. E

    The 4-Week Fat Shredder Program

    Harness the power of metabolic resistance training to build the body you’ve always wanted - faster than ever. The 4-week fat shredder program manual. Download the free guide -
  7. S

    Weight Training,Diet and Sleep

    Exercise and fitness has grown tremendously over the years along with the multitude of fitness fads and exercise programs. All promise to be the best program available and to get those results you have looked for but have not been able to meet. Many of these programs also contain some sort...
  8. kittelmama

    Beyond Frustrated and need advise from Women who have been there

    Yes, I am new here and I have been reading as many threads as possible including the "stickies" Just need some serious guidance. I am 43 years old, done with childbearing after 6 near full-term pregnancies that wrecked havoc on my metabolism and mid-section. I have been working out (see details...
  9. Y

    IOC doping tests

    How do the weightlifters get around it? Supposedly they do blood and urine testing. And the USA guys are subject to randoms as well. Can't imagine they can all afford designer gear.
  10. PickMe69

    Learning perfect form with your eyes closed

    So today I trained my first client! The mixture of excitement and nervousness converged into a very energetic and quick witted self (pretty much I was on my A game), therefore the training went really well! You couldn't ask for a much more challenging first client (or so I thought). He is 55...
  11. J

    Question about 1st cycle Sus, Eq Cyp

    Conan thanks i figure it out.... I am 36 17% bf 198 LBS...I have been taking sus250 2x wk for 500mg along with Eq introduced at week 3 for 400mg I want to go up in weight, diet is pretty clean with 200grams proteins and balance of carbs and fat. Also take BCAA, fish oil, ginseng, Milk...
  12. S

    My first cycle

    Hi everyone I have been lifting for about 4 years now. I am thinking of starting a cycle. I have done the research and this is what I have come up with: week 1-13: testenan500mg dbol 40mg (only 4 weeks) arimdx 1mg pct: arimdx clomide Comments are welcome :stilleto:
  13. C

    needs help with second cycle

    Hello I am currently on my first cycle of steroids. I am taking 30 mg of dbol a day with 10 mg of m1t a day, plan on doing this for 7 to 9 weeks. I have no pct (which I know I should). My stats at the moment are 190, 6'1 tall, and about 14% bf. But my main concern is what I should do for my...
  14. W

    Any one have a good workout routine and nutrition tips for taking anabolics?

    I am (25 years old, 6,1, 175 lbs), and have been working out for about 5 years now. I am experiencing anabolics for the first time and was wanting to know if anybody had a good routine to use while on anabolics. I have just ordered the squat monster muscle stack. it consist of DMZ 1, Halo-x...
  15. A

    Weight Training After a HEART ATTACK!

    Hello Everyone. I'd like to know if anybody has been in this same situation. I'm new to the site and about a week after I joined I had a Heart Attack. I was having one for 4 days but it took 3 trips to different hospitals before they figured out what was happening. I thought I did too many...
  16. M

    Phera Plex/M-Drol....puffy nipple problems!

    This is the first time I have ever ran a cycle. I took Phera Plex for 4 weeks @ 10-20/20/30/30 and I just started M-Drol (Superdrol) three days ago, with the final day blended 20 PP/20 MD. Now, on the third day my nipples are starting to puff up considerably. They are starting to look more...
  17. J

    deca 250

    how many cc should i use for deca 250 192lbs 511 age 27 bodybuilding for 9 years i want to gain mucle mass fist cycle
  18. S

    First Cycle, Looking for advise

    Gentlemen, this will be my first cycle, I am not only looking for advise on this cycle as it relates to gear, what to use and not, my recommendation has been an 8 week, 30mg Danabol, Deca 400mg week, Sustanol 750 mg week, anastrzol ,25 Daily for 10 week, HCG 300-500iu every 4-5 days with 40mg...
  19. B

    help with my nutrition

    Hey i am a 19 year old male, 6'3" 185 pounds who goes to college, i am not sure where to post this so im going to post it here. I go to the gym around 5 times a week, and play sport. I have a free meal plan so i can eat as much as i want. i need help with my nutrition. Any help would work great...
  20. ThePVangler

    New to Everything...

    Help Me Get Jacked!! Hey, im relatively new to weight training and I have a few questions. First of all I am 6'1 and 155 pounds. And I am trying to gain a lot of weight, my goal weight is 185 and once i get there im sure i will want to hit the 200 mark. When i go to the gym i do a ton of...
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