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Test cyp, Tren E, Dbol cycle. Please review

For starters I am 27, 5'7" 195 lbs , and around 12% bodyfat.
This will be my 4th cycle and 1st cycle with tren. I know being my first cycle with Tren I should go with Tren A but all I can get my hands on is Tren E. I don't really get sides so I'm hoping that this will be the case with Tren E. I am very strict on my diet and my goal is to gain a solid 12-15lbs muscle and reduce my body fat to single digits. Please commit on my cycle and modify it. I am open to everything except changing the Tren E to Tran A because of availability. So let's get down to business, here is my planned cycle.

weeks 1-12 test cyp. 500 mgs(250 2x week)
weeks 1-10 tren E. 400 mgs (200 2x a week)
weeks 1-3 Dbol 30 mgs ED
weeks 4-6 Dbol 20 mgs ED
weeks 1-12 Arimidex .5mgs ED
weeks 15-16 nolva 40 mgs ED
weeks 17-18 nolva 20 mgs ED

How does this look? I want to add HCG into the mix but im not 100% sure on the timing? Also I would like to add clen, has anyone done that? Overall how does it look and is there anything that needs to be changed or fixed for a better cycle. Thanks for the help!
first off, love your screen name...
personally, im not a big fan of clenbuterol... if your diet is solid, then you should be able to drop enough bf without it... it just gives me the nastiest sides, worse then tren imo...
as far as tren sides, i get them when i start and finish my cycle with tren a... that is, when my blood levels rise and then fall i will get insomnia for a couple days and some mild night sweats... i havent used tren e though, so im thinking your levels will rise and fall slower... not sure if that would be worse (prolonged rising and falling of levels) or better (more gradual)...
never used hcg so no comment there...
looks like a good cycle though, have fun with it, tren will give you some serious strength...
Thanks for the quick response. Yeah I will probably drop the clen then if the sides are pretty bad. I'm looking forward to the strength gains and fat loss of this cycle. Can't wait to get it started.
Agree with Moya on the clen. I use hcg from about week 3-4 all the way until pct. I've run cycles with and without hcg and feel like I recovered better using it on cycle. 500 ius a week works for me
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