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Tren E , Mass 400 , Primo


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hey guys im new to this forum stuff and was wondering if you guys with abit of experience or knowledge could tell me how to run my cycle,to get the best out of it ,im currently thinking of running a 10 week cycle with

tren E - 200mg a week
mass 400 - 400mg a week
primo- 200 mg a week

so i was thinking or half a ml of tren E and half a ml mass 400 and 1 ml of primo every monday and thursday , this is my second cycle sorry if i dont know how to explain my self correctly btw im
probably 10%+ bf (not sure)
Your cycle looks good but I would personally add a testosterone base to the cycle. At least a testosterone replacement therapy dosage of 200mg/week. Most people will get a lot of libdio related issues by not using any testosterone in their cycle

If you add the testosterone base you will also need to add a mild AI to your cycle like 5mg EOD of aromasin.

Tren is a nandrolone and will raise prolactin levels in the body so you need to a anti-prolactin drug to your cycle like cabergoline. 0.5mg E3D is a good dosage.

Although not required, cardarine GW is a great addition to any tren cycle to reduce side effects and increase fat loss. 10-20mg/day is a good dosage. You can read up on it more here -

Finally, you didn't mention PCT. I recommend running the perfect PCT protocol after your cycle -
thanks for the reply man yeah i dont know why i forgot to add im coming off a test e and dbol cycle which im currently still on for another 4 weeks which i thinking of going back-to-back cycle

im currently on 750mg of test E a week which i takr in 3 injections EOD, the 1st 4 weeks i did a 80mg of dbol a day ,ive been on nolvadex since the start i take half a 20mg tablet every second day which im continuing throughout the cycle and ive got arimidex which is there but not sure to use it during or after my cycle
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