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At the moment Im running 12 weeks of 500mg test e , 400mg tren e and eq 400mg / weekly. I am into my 3rd week. I am running 25mg of proviron to keep bloat at minimum and good libido.
During the last 6-8 weeks of the cycle I intend to run winstrol 50 mg ed. I am using

My question is shall I run 4 weeks of winstrol two weeks off and another 4 weeks? or shall I run 8 weeks staright with the rest of the cycle? I prefer the first option but does it make sense?

my stats are 5 10 200lbs/90kg 13%bodyfat age 24 height 5 10.

cheers guys
the last thing that cycle needs is more gear...

why are you thinking of adding more gear to a cycle with 400mg of tren and 1.3 grams of total gear...

what are your previous cycles?
test e and anavar clen, 10 weeks and 6 anavar. 2nd cycle test e and boldenon. for 12 weeks. I want to add winstrol to increase muslce hardness. I was thinking to switch boldenon with winstrol I know boldenon takes long time to kick in but I think i wont use it again in the future if I get dissapointed with results. I understant that I am running a heavy cycle , I ran blood test regulary everything seems fine.Until now I nevered suffered any sides such as gyno,acne or decrease of libido I have caber on hand and a good pct planned. I would like opinions about question I posted for winny. winstrol was planned to be added before cycle started , I didnt wake up and said hey I add some winny with the other heavy fuel oil :)
when you get into the habit of running all those compounds you will fry your receptors and won't be able to gain in the future on normal cycles.

with your stats you have a long way to go before you will ever be able to go on stage. so no reason to run that much gear.
4 weeks of winstrol with two weeks off followed by another 4 weeks of winstrol is a bad idea.

when put in context with the cycle you are on it is a really really bad idea.

sorry sometimes the best advice is not the advice you wanted to hear.
I tought that recepters do re-generate? or Am I mistaken? I will take your advice guys.. I will run the winstrol for 6 weeks at the end of the cycle and I will drop sacrifice/boldenon so I will have test,tren and winstrol how does that sound? The reason I would like to drop boldenon I think il get much more hardness using winny instead. Dont worry my diet is very clean loads of egg whites chicken and fish and brown rice
^^^ i haven't heard of a single person on this board who ran 1500mg a week of juice then quit juicing for a while.. then came back. you start at 1500, then next thing you know you are at 2g. then you go to 2500.. then 3g. on and on. pretty soon you find out if you run 'just' 1500 a week you don't gain shit anymore. its a bad road to go. then you either quit or you keep going higher and higher.

not trying to beat a dead horse but i'm just giving you a heads up. just ask some of the guys on here who run large cycles if they can gain on 500mg a week of test. they will all tell you that they cannot. its like driving a BMW for 10 straight years then driving a ford, you will hate driving the ford but to a 16 year old who never drove before the ford is like gold to them.

and the fact that you aren't even competing and your stats are of an average lifter i see no reason to run that much juice. my next cycle i am running less than half that and I will be competing next year
You ve got a point stevesmi I totally agree with what youre saying.. Its like saying I just do one cycle or two cycles and then I stop completely unfortenly we know that it does not work like that steriods are not addictive but there results are! I am going to be honest when I go off cycle I loose that motivation to workout really hard (I do keep going to the gym and try to work hard). What is your advice then that i should run test only? I feel that I can run test and tren and winstrol with the doses I mentioned at the moment i didnt experience any sides I am just discussing I dont want to be a hear headed guy I agree 100% with what you said mate
^^^ that is up to you man. its a decision you will have to make on your own. the most juice i have ever ran a week was only 900mg.

my next cycle I am running only 400mg a week tren with some dbol .. i feel like my training and diet is so superior that i don't need much juice at all. thats the attitude you should have.
There are loads of guys who do the classic bulking cycle test/deca/dbol or classic cutter masteron/tren/prop ... I am not an advanced lifter as you can see but Dont you think if lets say I run only 500mg of test I will never be able ttake my physique to next level ie.compete? If I keep 500mg of test a week and maybe throw in some other compound my body will get used to it and I will make very small progress over time? Correct me if I am wrong
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