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  1. B

    after workout what do you take?

    I’m wondering what do you take after your workout in terms of supplements I’m looking to get things to another level and help my progress my training is around 20 up to 25 sets per session and I’m usually pretty worn out from heavy volume going at least 10 repetitions per set
  2. J

    what do pro athletes use?

    Supplements professional athletes use at the highest level, I’m talking football players basketball and hockey. Especially basketball hockey since they have to play games back to back a lot of times and have a rigorous season. I’m seeking to get faster recovery as well can you recommend anything?
  3. K

    Supplements to help with post injection pain

    so I’ve been dealing with a lot of post injection pain on my current steroid cycle. I’m doing about two grams of gear a week and that requires a lot of volume going into my muscles. I know that that’s part of the game but I’m wondering if there are any supplements similar to taking an ibuprofen...
  4. T

    creatine only 1g a day?

    What do you guys think about using creatine at only 1g per day? I’ve seen some recommendations saying you should run it five grams and I’ve seen some recommendations that you have to load it even higher initially before doing a maintenance dose. What if I was just to do a really low dose of one...
  5. W

    AST, ALT and other numbers for liver off

    my liver numbers Have been off ever since I did an oral cycle a month ago. Not going to panic yet because it seems like it can take time to normalize but what I am interested in is a supplement that is good for the liver and actually works. I don’t want to waste my money on something that’s BS
  6. N

    best products from walmart lol

    I know that Walmart has a bad reputation but their supplements are really cheap and they have a lot of options to choose from both in store and also on their website. Surely there’s some supplements that they sell that are worth it, am I wrong to say that or is it all just junk?
  7. Z

    intra workout shake options

    I started to like to take an intra workout Shake halfway through my workout to get in some extra carbs my goal is to bulk up and get stronger I’m doing about 22 sets and what I’ll do is after a 10 or 11 sets I’ll take a 15 minute break and drink a shake do you recommend I add anything to it?
  8. R

    which supplement daily you use on cycle?

    What is your opinion on the best supplements to take while on cycle I’m looking for the best supplement to take on cycle on a daily basis one of the things I’m looking for is something to help with my steroid cycle something that has some vitamins and minerals that help me
  9. U

    sleep supplements for my budget

    I’m looking to take something to help me sleep better at night I have a couple issues when it comes to my sleep the first is I have a hard time falling asleep because I toss and turn a lot and stress out the other thing is at night I’ll wake up around two or three am and not be able to go back...
  10. M

    liver support blah blah blah

    I keep reading that you need liver support on cycle. My last cycle I did a couple orals and testosterone and my AST and ALT went up to over 85 then it came back down post cycle to the 50’s and sat there a while I want to see if using a liver supplement on my next cycle will really make a...
  11. D

    can supplements help with water retention ?

    So I ran a steroid cycle and ended up having a lot of water retention came off about 8 weeks ago. I still have water retention even after my pct which included letro and nolvadex. Is there a supplement that I can add to this protocol to boost things along? I need to do it soon
  12. G

    how to help itchy skin

    I tend to get very itchy skin especially on steroids the bottom of my feet tend to get cracked and the skin tends to peel off a lot I especially have the issue on my hands as well have any ideas as to which creams or supplements with work good to add to my skin
  13. N

    joint pain after a workouts

    so over the past couple months I’ve noticed after a really heavy workout my joints bother me it’s especially my wrist and also my lower legs and ankles is there any supplements that I can take that will help lubricate my ankles and make them feel better and also with my wrist because it’s...
  14. W

    how does n2guard stack up in the real world

    was wondering how n2guard stacks up in the real world vs. other support supplements I’m planning on doing a 20 week cycle and want to make sure that I’m using something on the back end to help mitigate side effects how much of this product do you recommend I use and what makes it so special
  15. K

    blood pressure issues

    so I’ve been waking up with very high blood pressure sometimes over 150 over 85 I started to take doctor prescribed blood pressure medication and it’s been making me wake up with normal blood pressure which is good the problem is I read about some really serious side effects from these blood...
  16. M

    help with overall detoxification

    what are going to be the best supplements that I can start using to get some detoxification in my body I feel like my body is very sick inside and I have a lot of poor energy when I have a really tough workout I tend to come home and just pass out. I believe I have some sort of underlying...
  17. A

    my body is too fragile

    No matter what I do it seems like I keep injuring myself the other day I ran my foot into the bedpost and bruised up my toe it’s been hurting for the past 2 weeks before that I bumped my knee into the table and it’s been swollen for like three days off and on since. Like it will be swollen up...
  18. JimAbs43

    Podcast UG Supplements 8 - N2Guard is it worth the money? UG Supplements 8 - N2Guard is it worth the money?
  19. R

    what can you stack with n2guard?

    I’m looking to stack some supplements with n2guard looking for something to help with size and strength currently in my late 30’s and want to get overall healthier before I get into my 40’s something also for joints would be cool
  20. R

    help with cholesterol issues

    so my cholesterol levels are off in my doctor said if they don’t get better then I have to go on medication can you suggest to me a good supplement that I can start taking to help with my cholesterol levels I’m really looking forward to getting these numbers back in line
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