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    Itchy butt when training?

    whenever I do a lot of training I tend to get itchiness down there if you know what I mean it's on both ends and it usually happens when I am starting to sweat it's really annoying because I have to scratch myself and then go to the bathroom and use some toilet paper down there to really get the...
  2. Y

    Greens powder shake mix

    I was at the health food store and they were handing out samples of greens powders and I tried one and it tasted pretty good. it had a peanut butter flavor and I'm really a big fan of that my question is would I be able to stack it with whey protein powder or is that something that you should...
  3. Y

    Gastro illnesses

    I've been getting a lot of gastrointestinal illnesses and it's really getting out of hand lately it happens especially when I eat anything like me or dairy basically I get very gassy and I have a hard time going to the bathroom but I have a lot of feeling like I need to go if that makes sense...
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    Best supplements for gut

    I’m looking to use the best supplement possible to cure my gut issues I've looked into several options Prebiotics Probiotics digestive enzymes psyllium husk fiber changing my diet I'm willing to try anything you recommend what is some of the best supplements on that list that actually can help...
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    Sarms and support supplements useful?

    what do you think about using sarms and using support supplements with them? will it enhance the cycle or will it not make much of a difference I'm going to be doing some pretty strong sarms. S23 and yk11 together. I know people say not to stack them but i want to. I’m 26 years old and weigh 260...
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    Spiked supplements?

    I read that they are selling supplements for $100 or more but those supplements are spiked with actual anabolic steroids. do you know anything about this they hide what they really are by putting basic labels on them and they can sell them online legally and they don't have to worry about...
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    Post workout what to take?

    okay so I'm posting this right after my workout and I have a bunch of supplements on my counter and I'm going to basically poll you guys and see what is the best supplement to use my choices are down to whey protein, creatine, multi vitamin, weight gainer, liver supplements, and mucuna. I'm...
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    Supplements before meals

    Which supplements do you need to take before meals and how do you make sure you are timing it right? I’m looking for something i can take before a big carb meal to block my fat storage I’m not saying i will eat a bunch of pizza and bread but it would be cool to eat some more carbs in my diet...
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    Multi vitamins and losing weight

    I'm looking for a multivitamin which I can take that can help me lose weight and also something that will benefit me health-wise I'm also looking for something that can help me lose weight along with it. if you can maybe tell me their supplement out there that both burns fat and has good stuff...
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    Amway supplements

    so a buddy of mine started to do the whole Amway thing and his strategy has been to offer supplements for free to people so that they will bite and buy more off of him. he let me try a couple things some protein bars and some whey protein powder. it tasted pretty good but they are very...
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    Hair, lash and brow growth vitamins

    Ever since I started using steroids in my mid twenties my hair has been shedding a lot it even happens when I am off cycle I notice it when I'm in the shower and shampooing my hair someone recommended I start taking vitamins for this. what do you think about nourishvita for hair? they are...
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    Gastro ease by life extension

    Hey everyone i need some fast advice. I have a $10 off coupon for a product called gastro-ease. It has Zinc and also probiotics in it. it's supposed to help with stomach issues to help with your stomach lining and also help you digest food I've been dealing with a lot of gas and intestinal pain...
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    Pure synergy immune health

    Pure synergy is 60 capsules which is 30 servings and it's an exclusive blend of seven organic mushrooms for immune support and super pure extracts of beta 13 glucan it also contains other ingredients as well and it's completely gluten free and made with Organic ingredients I'm looking to use it...
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    Any point of using a test booster?

    I have transitioned over to testosterone replacement therapy and I will be on it for the rest of my life. I'm doing 200 mg of testosterone every two weeks my question is is there any purpose of using a testosterone booster on cycle considering that I will be on testosterone anyway. I'm in my...
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    supps to take in car

    so here is my schedule wake up at 5:30am. Go to work, takes me about an hour to drive there after work I go to the gym and workout. Then I am back home around 6pm. I was wondering what is the best supplement I can take on my way to work and then also on my way home after work too. I see people...
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    Working on my new split

    I want to do a new workout routine What i had in mind was pretty simple I wanted to try mixing in some chest work on my back days This would sort of balance things out for me Has anyone used this type of strategy and has it helped stretch out their back a little bit special maybe my last three...
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    DHEA based supplements

    Looking to boost my sex life with DHEA based supplements I'm looking at a few different options including ginkgo biloba, ginseng, horny goat weed, maca, tribulus, and yohimbine Also what do you think about zinc and iron to boost minerals in the body overall do you think I should just buy a...
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    Required supplements in pct

    I am gearing up for a post-cycle therapy after a 15 week cycle I did my cycle consisted of testosterone cypionate and equipoise 400mgs of each I also ran an oral steroid to start the cycle off but I don't think it's going to affect my postcycle therapy but I could be wrong with supplements do...
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    CREA-TEN 10-IN-1 creatine

    Check out this product my friend said was really good Called CREA-TEN. It contains the best creatine blend you will possibly find. it's supposed to increase your pumps at the gym and it's also supposed to increase hydration and cell volume this is the Rich Piana 5% legendary series supplement...
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    Cutting with ephedra

    I wanted to get a hold of ephedra for cutting I had some old bottles of n2burn which had them in it My question is is this stuff now illegal? Why can’t i find it anywhere anymore?