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  1. S

    Any hemorrhoid supplements?

    I did a heavy workout over the weekend both on Saturday and Sunday where I did 2 hours of legs afterwards I regreted it and then two days later the Hemorrhoid started kicking in. is there a supplement that I can take I read a lot of different creams and such. None of them are helping that i got...
  2. E

    Best online store for cooking oils?

    I'm interested in websites that I can order different types of cooking oils by the gallon. I manage a few restaurants and we are trying to cook a healthier type of food for our customers because that's the clientele we are aiming for I'm specifically looking for things like Olive oil, macadamia...
  3. K

    Any side effects of pre-workouts?

    I just started taking a whole bunch of different pre-workouts that I purchased online. I was wondering if there were any type of side effects I should be watching out for when I take them? I usually take them before my workouts around 5:15 and I get to the gym around 5:45 and they usually are in...
  4. W

    Grapefruit juice supplements?

    I was wondering why nobody has come out with grapefruit juice supplements grapefruit juice is not only great because it's healthy for us and can boost our immune system but it also can help you absorb everything better. from supplements, to steroids, to sarms. so why hasn't anyone invented a...
  5. J

    Winstrol issues and supplements

    I've been doing Winstrol for the past 3 weeks and I'm doing 50 mg a day so far my main complaints have been joint issues and loss of head hair I'm hoping you can recommend to me a couple supplements that I can start taking to help with both issues. I'm only 28 and I'm already losing hair this...
  6. H

    Need more sex period

    I'm 21 years old and I'm an extremely horny young man I would like to get laid more. I'm not sure if I need to build more muscle to attract women or if I need a new attitude or what. is there a supplement out there that I can start taking that will get women more attracted to me because right...
  7. A

    Mixing supplements into blender

    I wanted to keep things easy and makes my supplements up in the blender my options are going to be bcaa’s, creatine, multi vitamin and whey protein powder I was going to use bananas and pineapple juice as my base and then add those in. also going to add in some green vegetables. do you think...
  8. L

    Best natural test boosters

    have been reading a lot of test booster over the years and a lot of them have some bad reviews or have turn out to be spiked do you think that brand quality is something that I should be looking at when I'm trying to choose one or should I pick something else that has a lot of herbs in them my...
  9. JimAbs43

    Podcast 540 - Supplements that are a waste of money in bodybuilding 540 - Supplements that are a waste of money in bodybuilding
  10. A

    Xtend bcaa sport

    Xtend bcaa sport in blue raspberry ice flavor has 7g of bcaa per scoop NSF certified and high in nutrition. They are now selling the stuff on Amazon and it's only about 25 bucks do you recommend I take this pre-workout or should I wait to take it afterwards so that I can recover better?
  11. G

    Building size with organ supplements?

    What is your opinion with using grassfed beef organs from the vitamin shop? They come in 500mg pills Its by trace minerals No hormones, pesticides and its GMO free It cost $48 which isn't bad at all and you can pick it up right from their store. do you think this will help me build up some more...
  12. Z

    Training and getting tremors

    When I am lifting weight I am getting a lot of Tremors and shaking. it's almost like I am going hypoglycemic during my training this usually happens when I am doing a heavy cardio day or sweating a lot is there a supplement that I can take to help me get through my workouts when they start...
  13. J

    Daily health products

    what are the supplements on your list of things that I should be taking on a daily basis to stay in good shape and also stay healthy it also has to be something that is Affordable maybe $100 a month at most would be in my price range I'm currently in my mid-50s and I'm looking for something to...
  14. I

    Help me sleep better

    What are my best options to take a supplement to help me sleep better right now I am having a hard time falling asleep and doing a lot of tossing and turning I'm looking to take something that can maybe get me at least falling asleep so I can stay asleep. I haven't had a good night's rest in...
  15. D

    Building up my upper body

    I'm a short and stocky guy. played a lot of soccer when I was growing up and built up some very strong legs. my thighs and quads especially are huge so I have no issues building those up the problem for me has been my upper body. I have a tiny chest and Tiny shoulders as well. I also have skinny...
  16. C

    Changing macros with supplements

    I’ve heard a lot of different options with macros Anything from 10% fats to 20% or more I’ve also heard that 45% protein is the sweet spot while others say it should be 55% Basically i’m looking to cut down and want to use supplements to aid that too Any recommendations to supps that are under $45?
  17. K

    Kidney strain

    My doctor said i have kidney strain, that isn’t good I did steroids for 5 years almost Non-Stop and think I did a lot of damage however he is pretty sure that I will be okay but he said that I should stay away from steroids for a while. what supplements can I take to speed things along to repair...
  18. J

    Joint mobility help

    Which supplement is going to be better than this one that I found online called joint mobility for $40? I'm looking for something that I can try and that I can keep buying on a monthly basis right now I'm dealing with some back issues. this is supposed to be really good for motion and mobility...
  19. U

    Best options for organs between cycles

    what is going to be the best thing to use and the dosage if I am coming off a cycle and I'm going to run another one in about 8 weeks. I did about 1200 mg a week of steroids for 14 weeks. had a really good results but a lot of my markers got strained. I would like to get my blood work normalized...
  20. K

    Best prolactin supplements

    What are the best supplements to use on a tren or deca cycle to help with prolactin issues? I would also assume that you would need to take something to help with libido or is that just bro science? I've never had an issue before on steroids but you never know I've heard a lot of horror stories...