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    Supplement schedule important?

    Is it important to do certain supplements on certain days? is it also important to take them on a daily basis what would happen if you were to take something and then skip days would you need to take more of it to make up the difference or do you just keep going?
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    Do stiff joints mean a serious illness?

    I was doing some reading on line because I've been having some stiff joints especially after my workouts it was mentioning it could be vitamin deficiencies and also an underlying health issues now I am worried does anyone know anything about this and what supplements could help alleviate...
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    Boost testosterone naturally?

    I got my blood work done and my numbers are in the 300 which is pretty low for my age. I'm in my early 30s so this is unacceptable for me to do this low already is it possible to get testosterone levels boost naturally? Which supplements work
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    Lifting supplements to use

    What are the best supplements to use when I am weight training looking for something to take before I do my weight training but also after Also any other supplements i should take for recovery, that would be good.
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    Joints need to be improved

    My joints are aching post workout Its becoming a problem for me It is only on days where i go heavy Any advice on what options i have when it comes to supplements that WORK
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    Hcg supplements?

    is there such thing as taking hcg supplements? I used to be able to buy it online so easily and now nobody sells it anymore it got banned or something now people are trying to sell it in supplement form I want to use it for my balls and also to get some fat loss benefits
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    2 steroids to stack female

    Hey I am friends with Jayne and she told me to post on here for some advice I'm 5 ft 2 in and I weigh 126 lb. I've been athletic for many years and I'm currently 33 years old I'm looking for some ideas for stacking steroids never use them before but have you use a lot of supplements. Goal is...
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    Supplements on a budget

    I am on a strict budget of $70 a month that I spent on supplements between housing and my car I don't have much left over because the bulk of it is for groceries so I said a good budget and wondering which supplements do you recommend for that price. Please don't suggest anything more than...
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    recovery supplements

    I have some harsh workouts these days I signed up to a meathead gym and its a great environment so I am pushing myself hard now which supplements are best for recovery that I can take after? I don’t want to be sore overnight
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    Changing physique with supplements?

    Do you think it's possible for someone to change their physique with supplement? I haven't seen a buddy of mine in a few weeks and he looks completely different I asked him what he was taking any said He change the supplements he was taking do you think it's possible for someone to change...
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    How expensive are supplements per month?

    I was having this discussion with a buddy of mine before I workout he was saying that you shouldn't be spending more than 60 or $70 a month on supplements however I also was watching some videos and they said that you should spend to $300 if you really want to take things to the next level...
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    PED’s for fat loss females

    What are the best steroids or PED’s or supplements i can take to lose fat I'm 5 ft tall and 130 lb. My body fat is somewhere in the 20 to 25% area I have been training on and off for the past five years and I am 27 years old
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    Digestive products?

    what are the digestive products that you are using at this time? I'm someone who uses anabolic steroids are usually do two or three cycles per year I'm in my 40s I'm looking at using enzymes to help Digest, also probiotics, and supplements to help absorb. what are the best ones for this?
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    knees hurt

    My knees I've been bothering me a lot lately I have increase the amount of volume I've been doing and didn't think that my knees would take such a beating Which supplements do you recommend that will help with knee pain
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    Using clenbuterol with supplementation

    I want to try clenbuterol. I've seen some celebrities have some crazy good Transformations using it. My question is what kind of supplements do I need to use with it if I am in my twenties and this is my first time using anything
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    Supps after PCT?

    would it be a good idea to run some supplements after my post cycle therapy is over? I did a 12-week cycle and then a four-week post Cycle Therapy Now i am 2 weeks after which supplements should I be running to help me maintain my motivation and gains
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    Explosive veins

    I'm working out at the gym and I'm seeing these other guys who have these huge biceps and their veins are popping out. I've always wanted to get that blue vein that goes down the arm what supplements can help with getting more vascularity?
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    Super food supplements

    I saw a show on TV about superfoods and how they can be extracted and use as supplements. Do any of you out there use the superfood supplements and do you think that it's worth spending some money on them every month
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    Safe to use expired supplements?

    wondering if it is safe to use supplements that have expired. Mine are about 1-2 months expired. I got them from the clearance bin at the vitamin store that was going out of business. Should i still use them or nah?
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    fat burning ideas

    what are some fat burning supplements that you can recommend that actually work. Seems like I've tried everything and nothing seems to help I'm currently 340 lb end 6 ft 4 in. I could easily lose 50 lb and still be overweight.
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