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    Help with muscle growth and strength

    I’m trying to get some benefits with muscle growth and strength. I’m currently pretty weak and when I go work out after about 20 or 30 minutes I’m also Fall Apart. I’ve seen a doctor about this and he says I have a certain condition that causes it and when I asked them about anabolic steroids he...
  2. L

    how would you use sarms as a female?

    I’m looking to try sarms as a female but I’m a little scared because I read about some major side effects that you can get if you use fake sarms can you recommend a good source for sarms and which ones would be good for a newbie? 38 years old. I’m five foot 3 138 pounds and I’m looking to cut...
  3. E

    time for S4 finally

    not seeing many threads pushing s4, must not make a commission off of it right? Lol jk guys its a just! But seriously what is the harm using some S4 andarine on this cycle to get the most results. Looking to do 50mgs a day for 12 weeks. Any thoughts on what to stack it with? I’m looking for...
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    female wanting to gain strength!

    Right now I am squatting the bar + 25 pounds on each side and I’m benching the bar + 10 pounds my boyfriend makes fun of me and says that I should get stronger what do you recommend I use to help me in terms of PED’s? I’m 37 years olds and he is 35 years old. off
  5. B

    best strength steroid cycle

    I’m looking for the absolute best strength steroid cycle currently 5’10’’ 194 pounds and 18% body fat and 27 years old don’t care really about how big I get, just want some strength gains I’m currently benching around 275 pounds heard good things about EQ as a strength steroid. Just not sure how...
  6. J

    my sarms for next run

    so just concluded my first sarms cycle where I did 12 weeks of s23 and GW. (thank you Obrigado monstro for the suggestion) now looking for the next cycle to run I’m 21 years old 6’1’’ and 165 pounds looking for more size and strength I’m currently benching 155 lbs and would like to get stronger...
  7. V

    looking to help with weakness in the gym

    I work with a group of buddies in the gym and I’m definitely the weakest one of the bunch when we do curls for example I’m usually the one picking the small pink dumbbells all the way at the end looking to get stronger and hoping steroids can help can you give me advice which steroid would be...
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    Is primo and test going to be effective for strength?

    I’m 5’11’’ and 210 pounds and focusing in on more strength. I’m 27 years old and right now i can bench around 275 pounds. I think that is okay for my size but i need to improve on that Wondering what your feelings were with primobolan and testosterone for strength Looking for 2 things Low side...
  9. H

    Only care about doing strength cycles!

    My goal is strength, don’t care about anything else. Was reading some cycle ideas online and wanted to go hard all in I’m 36 years old 210 pounds and 5’10’’ Currently benching 275 pounds and squatting 380.. All good form This will be my 3rd cycle My cycle i want to try 500mgs tren E 500mgs Deca...
  10. N

    How to increase strength while losing body fat with steroids

    Not looking to recomp, i don’t really care about that part. But i would like to lose some body fat and trim down WITHOUT losing strength Is such a thing possible with steroids help? I’m currently 6’2’’ and can bench 365 pounds and i weigh around 225 Trenbolone and testosterone sound good here...
  11. U

    How long can females run orals?

    So I've been researching a lot on this website and there is a lot of good information so thank you one of the things I saw that it's okay for females to use longer steroids because it doesn't affect their reproductive system like it does for men with that said what is the longest oral steroid...
  12. D

    Strength and size

    I'm going to go for strength and size on this cycle this time 5 ft 10 in 182 lb and 16% body fat Deca durabolin 800 mg a week super drol first 3 weeks only 20mgs a day Test cyp or E 400mgs a week Anyone run this type of cycle and did you have good strength changes
  13. J

    Large man and sarms

    I’m a bigger guy 6’7’’ and 310 pounds Never used sarms before, never thought of using them before and never thought i would be caught dead using sarms before Which sarms should i try this time? I want to lose some weight but keep my muscle and strength
  14. K

    Trenbolone from geneza pharma

    What a great idea to buy geneza pharma tren I got 50% off with the deal they had last month I bought enough for 3 cycles. I am on 300mgs a week currently Never have did a cycle this powerful before. Smashing both weight and strength PR’s
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    losing weight too fast

    I’m on a diet and losing a lot of weight super fast. I was wondering what advice would you give me so I don’t lose so much strength and muscle which supplements can help with this, I want to stay big and strong
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    Bulking vs. cutting on sarms

    I'm a bit confused on the differences between bulking up and then cutting down on sarms are people usually focus more on cutting first and then once they cut down then bulk back up? or do they usually just do both when they're on it? I’m desperate to look good. I’m 6’ tall and 230 pounds. 19%...
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    More female strength?

    One of my friends uses steroids and she is getting really strong we don't discuss what she uses though as it's not my business to ask that question however I'm curious what do you think you guys would recommend for me to try that would be safe? Right now i am benching the bar plus 7.5 pounds
  18. Y

    How to dose s23?

    I’m interested in s23. Don’t care about the fertility risks I’m in my 40’s and already have 5 kids lol I’m 5’6’’ 175 pounds Want to gain more strength and mass How should I be dosing this product and how long are you allowed to use it for
  19. V

    Sr and rad sarms

    I’m looking at using sr9009 and rad140 Are these good sarms for me? I want to lose weight and gain strength I’m currently 243 pounds and 5’11’’ About 27% body fat I am also changing my diet
  20. H

    I’m finally done cutting

    Female 38 Had a kid and gained a lot of weight. I had to work hard to lose that baby weight Its finally all gone I’m back to 135 pounds Now i need to get back into the gym and get my strength back Which PED’s work good post pregnancy?
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