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  1. F

    puritysourcelabs shipping times international?

    I’m USA born and bred. Looking to place a pretty big order with PSL. International water is going to be way cheaper than ordering domestic. I’m a working man so if I can save a couple hundred dollars that goes a long way with me. My question is though how long does international shipping...
  2. M

    puritysourcelabs review of their tren

    first time using trenbolone and I chose PSL for it what an experience! Tren is the ultimate badass steroid and my experience has been amazing. I did 400 mg a week and then I lower the dose down to 300 milligrams one side effects started to hit me hard
  3. J

    how fast does puritysourcelabs ship?

    Just curious on the speed of PSL when it comes to international delivery although I am in the United States I would like to order International because the prices are very cheap and I don’t mind taking the risk with customs however I am also looking forward to running my cycle in the next two or...
  4. matt88

    TD containing 2 of my favorite Euro Pharmacies products from Purity Source Labs

    Wanted to share my TD. Test E and Mast Prop are my bread and butter. My body responds extremely well to Test E across the board and Mast just makes me feel great. As an added bonus Mast also really brings out my vascularity. On lab work with Mast versus just Test I notice a MUCH higher amount of...
  5. G

    Puritysourcelabs current promos?

    I’m looking to make a very large order with puritysourcelabs Both me and my brother are getting ready for a competition in the next few months, we are gonna take a road trip and visit California for the first time then compete there, should be fun! I got a couple questions about any promotions...
  6. R

    Will not go wrong with puritysourcelabs

    I’m hoping you guys can give me some kudos on my PSL results Just finished using their tbol Clen Test prop Mast prop The products are quality. Only used 60mcg of clen and light dosages of the test and mast. Didn’t need much. I was leaning out extremely quickly on this stack within the first two...
  7. A

    Puritysourcelabs fast or slow to order and ship?

    I’m about to pull the trigger on an order from puritysourcelabs but before I do I need to know how fast are they when it comes to the time you order and the time that they ship out the product and get it to you? not trying to pry into how they shipped their products or anything but let's say I'm...
  8. J

    Nandrolone and primo together puritysourcelabs

    Curious about learning more about euro pharmacies from puritysourcelabs and their quality when it comes to nandrolone and their primobolan? The primo seems really cheap compared to other primo i have seen. How is the quality? And the same with the nandrolone, it is very affordable was surprised...
  9. S

    Which puritysourcelabs testosterone to pick?

    They have too many options at PSL site Looking for one that is good for someone scared of needles and that won’t require me to pin very often and feel it, also the one that will give me most bang for the buck Here is the list i am seeing Test prop Sustanon 250 and sust 350 Test Phenyl propionate...
  10. B

    Puritysourcelabs PSL closed?

    Hey is puritysourcelabs closed down? I went to their website and it won’t pull up and then when i play around with it then it says nothing is in stack Now i am worried cause i placed an order a week ago and i also need to place a 2nd one asap cause i forgot to order clomid and aromasin. What do...
  11. G

    PuritySourceLabs Puritysourcelabs testosterone sales and choices

    I'm checking the website and right now puritysourcelabs PSL has a good discount for Euro pharmacies gear They have 200mgs/ml 10ml vial test cypionate And they have 250mgs/ml 10ml vial test enanthate I'm not quite sure which one I should pick. can you please help me? whichever one is going to...
  12. J

    Can Puritysourcelabs save me?

    So this is a nightmare scenario for me I keep my gear in the closet on top of a cabinet so my kids can’t find it and last night i heard a big crash so i went into the room and my cat was in the closet up high looking at me like she had done something wrong. Well long story short, she had knocked...
  13. N

    How are puritysourcelabs injectables?

    I had a question about PSL products. I know that puritysourcelabs has some really good oral steroids how are their injectables though? I've heard lately a lot of sources are short on raws so they are putting together some crazy oils that are fake. they'll sell testosterone as decaor they'll sell...
  14. S

    Puritysourcelabs is my new home

    I used for the first time my order arrived very anonymously and discreetly. I expected it would get to me fast and it did. this is a legit company and the products speak for themselves also the professionalism that I experienced is excellent and I am mind blowing how good...
  15. S

    puritysourcelabs anadrol and test

    this time I decided to stack in anadrol 50mgs a day and testosterone enanthate 250mgs a day I am also using aromasin that I got from as well. They have great steroids but also they have great ancillaries too. My fears are now over when it comes to finding a real source. These...
  16. A

    cannot go wrong puritysourcelabs PSL is a quality source. I honestly have nothing bad to say about my first time using them. I ordered primarily a cutting cycle and was able to put on lean muscle mass and get vascular. Very pleased with my results. experience was smooth, they are good. communication is good...
  17. R

    Puritysourcelabs prior cycle

    I did a cycle from psl, I wanted to let everyone know my progress I am using Eurobolan, stenbolone and Eurotropin together What a great cycle I highly recommend you guys try it as well if you want to get some muscle mass gains and also lose body fat This is easily the best...
  18. L

    Products on PSL website question

    I had a question about the website PSL puritysourcelabs I see a lot of things that are domestic that are out of stock is there a timeline when I should keep checking when things come back in stock like do they come back in stock on a certain day of the month or should I just keep checking...
  19. S

    PSL always 24 hour response

    I have been using puritysourcelabs for the last couple cycles that I've done they always respond to me very quickly. Recently I waited on till Friday to get paid and it took exactly a week for me to get my order after I made it very fast and very simple to use their website
  20. C ships to all US states?

    I heard a lot of sources are refusing to ship products to some middle america states Because of our very conservative laws I was wondering is there any places that PSL will not ship to or am i okay ordering from them if i live in middle America
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