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pct advice

  1. J

    Test C cycle

    So my friend gave me a bottle of Testosterone Cypionate 300 mg and I thought I'd might as well do a cycle. I've been thinking about doing it for awhile and I've done some research. The thing is I'm only 22 and I don't want to risk anything to bad right now with anything like deca. I was...
  2. J

    PCT for Deca Durabolin and Test Cypionate

    Im starting my cycle soon and want to know a good PCT for half a CC each of Deca Durabloin 300 mg and testosterone Cypionate 300 mg every two days. Im going to do a 8 week cycle. Im 22 years old, weigh 195 ilbs, and 5"7'. Wanna get The PCT before I start. thank you in advance.
  3. Q

    Sustanon 250 and tren acetate

    Hey everyone, I was curious about running a cycle I am 5 feet 7 inches 180 lbs looking to put on some mass. Ive been lifting for about 4 years on and off. I have sus 250 and tren acetate 100mg per ml My question was can i run 50mg monday wednesday and friday of tren acetate making 150 mg a week...
  4. R

    Pct for tren a and test e cycle

    I've been running a test and tren cycle at 300 mg/wk tren for the first 4 weeks and then at 400/wk for the remainder and test at 300 mg/wk, for 14 wks now. I could not get my hands on hcg and was wondering if nolva and clomid is good for pct?
  5. J

    How to get off dbol? Help please

    Hi I am 20 and my friend gave me some pills Iv been on for the past 2-3 weeks and I come to find out they its Dbol its two capsules a day at 40 mg a day I'd like to get off of it right away please help me what pct should I buy is nova plex is it good enough?
  6. A

    Please help!!! Libido death and erectile dysfunction

    Hi, im 28 years old and 170lb. i ran a cycle of winstrol, sustanon and anavar for 8 weeks, i didnt make a PCT at that moment(big mistake) sustanon 500mg per week winstrol 150mg per week anavar 30mg ed one month later i took HCG 5000iu every 5 days for 3 weeks (3 shots of 5000iu) with 50mg of...
  7. A

    Help please! Erectile dysfunction and libido death after cycle

    Hi, im 28 years old and 170lb. i ran a cycle of winstrol, sustanon and anavar for 8 weeks, i didnt make a PCT at that moment(big mistake) sustanon 500mg per week winstrol 150mg per week anavar 30mg ed one month later i took HCG 5000iu every 5 days for 3 weeks (3 shots of 5000iu) with 50mg of...
  8. I

    winstrol only help

    Hey guys, need some advice regarding my cycle, diet and training regime. I'l be as informative as possible. Current Stats 22 year old 5'10 165 lb Bf - 11% Training for past 5 years with varied level of sincerity. Current Goal To be lean n muscular as fuck. Past cycle experience Did a low...
  9. A

    Need help!

    Right where do I begin. I know I'm going to get flamed but I need honest opinions so I'm going to be honest. I'm 24 been on test all summer and was on tren for 6 weeks. So I've basically been on test for 5months and tren for a month.. Ive run Adex through the cycle and want to come off this is...
  10. G

    Please help

    Hey guys, I'm reaching out because I got myself in a situation. I had copper toxicity and it was causing low Test. Being a fitness model, it was tough to gain. In the time I was diagnosed I said fuck it and bought Test. Prop. I dosed psychological amounts, 50mg twice a week, for 5 weeks...
  11. G

    First Cycle (kinda)

    Age 32, Seasoned Gym, but poor diet over past yr. Tried an 8wk cycle, (Sus/Tren/Prop/Mast) a few years ago with great success, but my PCT, or lack thereof really screwed me. Didn't feel normal for a good 6 months. Now I have a TRI-Mix (Test Prop-100mgs/Tren Ace-50mgs/Mast Prop-50mgs) I also...
  12. S

    2nd cycle help

    Hi, I'm 48 years old 177cm 5ft 10inch 71 kilos thats 155 pounds I finished my first 10 week cycle of Sus/Deca/Dbol with PCT just over 3 months ago and will wait another 2 months to start a second. I would like to run a cycle consisting of Sus/EQ/Oxymethelone with PCT and support gear...
  13. C

    First test cycle

    Hi I'm about to start my first cycle running test e and dbol and was looking for any advice or pointers I'm 6' 1 90kg and around 12%bf My current plan for my cycle is Week 1-12 test e 500mg Week 1-4 dbol 25mg ed Week 1-12 arimidex 0.25mg eod For pct Nolvadex week 15-16 40mg ed...
  14. S

    HALOTESTIN - Cycle Advice Needed

    Hi guys, So I am deciding to do a GW and HALO cycle and I need some help. Personal Background: I am 18 years old, and have been training consistently for 5years. I row crew at a junior elite level and train 12 times per week. Rowing is quite a unique sport in the fact that it requires great...
  15. P

    My first cycle

    Hi guys A little about me first, I am 175cm just over 79kg and I have been training for over 6 years now and am 27years old. I have competed in a few small powerlifting comps in the past year. I love lifting and train very hard. My diet is good with macros in check. If I had any issue with my...
  16. H

    Nolva/Tamoxifen Durring Cycle/ Also PCT?

    Hey guys, I made an account to be able to get your guys' opinion on how to proceed with my PCT. My cycle was - Weeks 1-12: Test Cyp 500mg/week - Weeks 1-6: Dbol 40mg/day I had a gyno flare up and started to take Nolva to calm it down as it was all I had on hand along with Arimidex that was...
  17. M

    first injectible - Testa or GHRP-6

    hi guys i am new to the roid family please enlighten me with your knowledge im a 6ft tall guy 185 pound ,, body fat around 12 biceps 16 i hv been workout out for 3-4 years and came from 108 pounds to 174 pounds naturally and after waiting for a long time to break this still point i started it...
  18. A

    Oral winstrol questions.

    Hello guys! Well, I've searched a lot on the internet but there are some questions I couldn't get a complete answer, I mean, people would say lots of different things but never get to answer this or I would get lots of different answers for the same questions. I'm 19 yo, 1.83m and 84kg. My bf...
  19. E

    PCT help

    In WK 6 of test cycle,after cycle u wait two wks before starting pct...should I keep taking aromasin during this two WK wait?
  20. A

    Want to come off TRT...PCT help.

    I started TRT 6 months ago and now have decided that I want to come off before I ruin my natural test production. I have been taking 200mg Cypionate/1mg anastrozole per week along with 1000u of HGC. I need some help formulating a plan to get off without crashing my hormone levels and losing my...
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