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  1. D

    trying to force some chest growth?

    I have one of those bird chest and I would like to get my chest growing more unfortunately the gym near my house is the only one I can afford because I don’t have a car and it’s only $12 a month the bad news is they don’t have much free weights and they don’t have a flat bench only a Smith...
  2. S

    Too much volume for chest?

    I'm 26 years old, and i am starting to get serious about weight training and I need your help my chest has been my weak point since I was a teenager and it never developed enough I was thinking of doing 10 sets of flat bench press 10 sets incline And 5 sets of miscellaneous chest work with...
  3. L

    Weight training program safe?

    I was wondering if this workout program below was safe to prevent getting injured Monday and friday chest/shoulderse Saturday and tuesday legs Wednesday and friday back/arms/abs I'm 23 years old and I am new to weight training. what else should I do on Thursday that I am missing
  4. C

    stronger chest female anavar

    how much anavar oxandrolone do I need to use if I want to build up my chest bigger and stronger. I'm currently 140 lb and I am 5’6’’ the problem is I'm really weaker compared to the rest of my body. My lower body is much stronger and my chest is embarrassingly week. How much var should i do and...
  5. B

    Cannot grow my chest :(

    I'm hoping you can give me some tips to help me grow my chest No matter how much I tried to lift bench pressing I can't seem to get stronger because my chest is so weak and Tiny. I'm only 20 years old and I'm hoping you can give me a tip so I can grow maybe I am working out wrong?
  6. E

    Where is the ab talk?

    I see a lot of threads about working certain body parts especially the chest and shoulders and even the legs. But I don't see anything about abdominal work. How many times a week are you guys working out your abs. I see some of you on here have some rock hard ABS so I know you guys must be...
  7. C

    back to back training days same muscle

    a buddy of mine I am working out with suggested a training routine where I work a muscle two straight days in a row. Example: if I train my chest we train chest hard on monday and then on tuesday train it again but much lighter weight and less reps. Is this a good strategy backed by science or...
  8. I

    Best way to build up chest

    I was at a pool party last week and a couple of my uncles were making fun of me saying I had a bird chest and putting me down. I guess that's what uncles do sometimes I don't know. Anyway, what do you think I should do to build up my chest and get wider shoulder so next year when I go back they...
  9. F

    Depression on Chest post gyno surgery

    I had a gyno surgery 8 months back both lipo and gland removal was done. Few months back I noticed depression on lower and right side of my chest. I am adding pics need suggestion if this can be fixed with workout or I should consider revision surgery. Any specific chest workouts that I should...
  10. L

    Are pressing movements necessary for buliding a big chest?

    Hi guys, Last year I have had huge problems with my bicep tendon in my front delts... I have been to a muscle specialist and he fixed it, so I can move it normally now, however when training chest I still can not so pressing motions (ie bench press). It feels like after about 3 reps (even on...
  11. T

    Tight Shoulders/Long arms/ Bench press/Bodybuilding

    Quick Question: :confused: I have preety long arms and whilst training dumbell/bar bench press including incline, decline, dumbell flys,especially CABLE FLYS my shoulders always start to burn way before my chest and i usually have to stop because my shoulders are too tired and not my chest...
  12. B

    Explosive Workouts

    Hey guys, New here: looking for other guys' ideas and experience. So, here's the question: I'm trying to make sure that I'm lifting explosively when I'm doing bench. Having someone watch how fast I get the barbell up seems a bit much. How do you guys keep track of how explosive you're...
  13. K

    What do you all think about my weekly work-out?

    I focus on one muscle group per day- note I am female. Biceps- Standing Barbell curls Alternating Barbell curls Hammer Curl Supinated Bent Rows Chin ups 10X4 Back- Pull ups Deadlifts Lat Pull Down Bar Standing Pulldowns Bent Over Rows Barbell Shrugs Seated Cable Row Chest- Bench Press...
  14. C

    chest-X number of times weekly

    ive ben reading and every i read people to say to only work your chest one or two times a week. this doesnt seem like enough to me. first of all no matter how hard i train my chest the previous day or how many sets till failure i do, im BARELY ever sore the next day. a while back i started doing...
  15. G

    My dream physique arms,lats,chest problems

    I've been lifting for over 2 years now.My body have changed alot but need improvements in certain areas. My dream physique: Big arms,very small waist,medium legs so you can wear skinny jeans,wide back,decent chest Mainly i need alot of mass on my arms (2-3 inches +)...
  16. M

    pectus carinatum

    Im 18 and i have a pretty minor case of pc and i was woundering if anyone knew of anything i could do to help cure or reduce it.....any help would be appreachiated im ver insecure of it other than that im perfectly happy with my looks
  17. Discreet User

    Injecting Pecs

    I'm new to injections and am not yet comfortable injecting with one hand. Pinning Test Cypionate 1ml per injection 2 x per week. Considering injecting pecs as it seems like an easy location to pin. So far I've done quads, glutes, and calf (calf hurt for 3 days after). Please vote in the poll...
  18. Discreet User

    Weighted Dips

    Where do you personally feel more sore after doing weighted dips, chest or triceps?
  19. M

    Cardio Exercise before or after weight lifting?

    My usual routine is to go to the gym, work a certain area of muscles, and do 30 minutes on the elliptical (500 cal burn). My question was whether or not I should do the cardio exercise before or after the lifting. On another note, I've noticed some difficulty breathing after lifting...
  20. J

    Advice on building chest relative to arms etc.?

    Hi everyone, I've been lifting a little for a few years just to stay in shape. Recently, I've changed my routine to lift more each week and try to be more deliberate about bulking up. I think I'm adding mass reasonably well, but my chest seems small in proportion to the rest of my body, even...
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