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  1. P

    Help with Bulking Macros

    Bought this plan, are the macros sufficient for bulking...or over kill? Thinking that it has way too many calories...4000 plus calories... If I can cut out calories where should they come out of? And does anyone know how accurate the body circumference test is for body fat? What do you guys...
  2. X

    Need Help With Tren Cycle

    Hey bros! I'm looking to start a tren cycle, but as this is only my second cycle and I have never run Tren before, I could use some help in putting it together. I'm looking for a clean bulk. Here's what I've got so far after researching it. I'd appreciate y'alls input. Week 1 - Week 4 Tren...
  3. D

    Bulking cycle thoughts - Suss, EQ, NPP

    Planning out my bulking cycle which I will begin in a month or two, this will be my 4th cycle - 24 y.o, 194lb, 11%bf Looking to gain a decent amount of size, not too concerned about staying lean. I am thinking: 1-12 750mg suss250 1-12 600mg EQ (will front load) 1-5 40mg Dbol ED 2-10 600mg...
  4. D

    21 yo bulking - jaw surgery

    Hi, guys. I am going to undergo orthognathic surgery in about 5 months' time. My lower jaw is being advanced to fix my underbite. I have been training steadily since November 2011 and have increased my weight from 50 kilos to 65 kilos. Age: 21 Height: 1,73m Body fat percentage: 8% Training...
  5. D

    21 yo - bulking before jaw surgery

    Hi, guys. I need to undergo orthognathic surgery in about 5 months' time. My lower jaw is being advanced to fix my underbite. I have been training steadily since November 2011 and have increased my weight from 50 kilos to 65 kilos. Age: 21 Height: 1,73m Body fat percentage: 8% Training...
  6. Essie

    Dirty Bulking

    Hi Bros! LOL! Right, to the topic at hand. I have been battling to get time to fine tune my OWN diet because I am stuck with other people's diets ... and most of them are people who are REALLY sincere and also REALLY REALLY REALLY interested in learning how diets work and what a BMR is and how...
  7. Essie

    Get on board and enjoy the ride! Bulking cycle.

    All right: Age: Old Enough to cycle :) Height: 5'11" (ish) Weight: 187 (85kg) BF%: Finally got down to 15% Training: Changing routine now - have been weight training for more than a decade consistently except last year when I broke my back coming off of my ZX-11 - muscle memory returned...
  8. Ethan_Ares

    stanozolol/Menabol bulking cycle

    Hi All, I am planning to take my first stanozolol/Menabol only cycle. My stats 28 yrs 6' ft 76 kgs Working out since 2 yrs only bulking. Body type athletic. I need a huge look and slightly ribbed. I managed to get Menabol (Stanozolol/Winstrol) and Dexona(Dexamethasone). I have decided to drop...
  9. Z


    I am 6'3 tall and lean 163LBs looking to get to 180-185 . I can dunk and have seen growth in my atheltic abilities. Just wanted to know what steriod I could take to help me reach my goal. I will also be combining it with a nutrition plan & supplements.
  10. Thejamhandman

    Help with PH cycle

    Age 29 Height 6.2' Weight 188lbs Bf 11% Hard Gainer... First cycle was using Havoc. Not bad results. Gained 9 lbs in 4 weeks. Looking to put on just mass and a whole lot of it. Dont need to be shredded, just big and bulky. Was looking into Beast and Dieselbolan v2. Cant decide on which to do...
  11. T

    Looking to do a cycle for first time need some advice

    hey guys, im new to this thread. been looking around and it seems many people on here really know what they're talking about. im 21, 135 & 5" 6'. im no stranger to the gym, ive been working out for a few years & recently began getting more so devoted & motivated to getting bigger. im ripped as...
  12. R

    Help with Diet and lifting

    I am 19 years old and was diagnosed with Low Testosterone. So my doctor prescribed me Testosterone Cyponiate. (125mg a week I think it is) it comes with a vial of 250mg. I get prescribed 2 vials every 4 weeks. So was not sure if I should take more then what is told or stick with my doctors...
  13. N

    Quality muscle

    GUYS, I would like to discuss bulking.Every sucessful lifter knows that hard training and good nutrition is the key to sucess to bulk or cut right? My question is why so many guys use deca/dbols and anadrols to bulk? instead of cycle like test e/prop , trenbolone winstrol or masteron? alot of...
  14. N

    Lean bulk diet

    HI GUYS, I am posting my diet so you guys can look into it and tell me if its good or if its needs some adjustment. I am doing a lean bulk diet my weight is 90kg bf is 13% and age 24. height is 5'10. I am doing a lean bulk cycle as well. Meal 1 40g oatmeal banana and 2 sccops...
  15. anonymity

    Prohormones vs AAS

    My personal experiences with prohormones are very limited, the only ones I have were run years ago and are Methyl Masterdrol and Methyl 1-D. I have always considered prohormones to be inferior compared with AAS, but in reading this forum it seems many people are getting similar results from...
  16. C

    Newb Intro

    Hey guys, been lurking for a while and finally signed up. I didn't see a designated forum for intro's and what not but I figured this one would be the best one to start in since it pertains to where I am looking to go with things. Anyway, I am 26 and I started training a year ago weighing in at...
  17. N

    Hardcore 12 Week Bulking Cycle (not for the inexperienced)

    I'm getting ready to start my next bulking cycle and in the words of Dorian Yates, "I'm gettin nasty with it!" Current Stats: 36yoa, 5'7", 217lbs, 8.5%BF Weeks 1-6: D-Bol @ 80mg's / day Weeks 1-12: Testosterone Enanthate @ 1000mg's / week Sustanon 250 @ 250mg's / every...
  18. A

    My Training Log

    I have my own private workout log, but I guess I'd like to start posting on a thread so I might be able to get some feedback on my training. I've been lifting for 2 years, but I've only been serious for since May of this year, so for about 7 months. For the other time I spent lifting all I did...
  19. S

    Need Help

    Hi Guys I need help on deciding my first time I asked a friend and he gave me this one. Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5Week 6Week 7Week 8Week 9Week 10Week 11Deca...
  20. U

    First Cycle - Bulking up

    Hey everyone, I was going to begin ordering everything tonight, but thought i should run it by everyone first for additional changes. Need2getaas provided some GREAT advice but I think he may be getting sick of my questions. :D Background: I'm 24, 150lbs, 5'6. First cycle. I want to gain...
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