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  1. A

    realistic goal (and diet help plz)?

    Hi, first post (and a long one at that so bear with me plz) :) So al just start out with my stats: Age: 19 Height: 5'6 Weight: 135lbs BF: about 10-12% I have trained on off for a couple of years but am now going to take it very seriously, meaning the diet and the training, no half...
  2. cgrayx

    Should I train abs while bulking?

    Hi, I have recently started taking training seriously and am currently on a clean bulk and doing 6 reps x 5 sets of most excercises. What I want to know is: Should I train my abs now and build the muscle under the fat (~8.2% BF) for the time being and when I start cutting I assume they will...
  3. W

    Weizy's Second Cycle (Bulkilicious)

    2nd Cycle- Week 1-12 Test E 600mg / week Week 1-6 Beastdrol 30mg ED Week 10-13 Forma Stanzol (8 Pumps / day) Week 8-12 HCGenerate Week 14-18 Unleashed / PCT Combo Also have letro for any gyno disasters. Basic Stats: Age: 22 Weight: 187 Height: 6'2 Lifting Experience: 3 1/2 years Body...
  4. Essie

    Looking to adapt my diet to add LBM while bulking

    Hi Everyone, Age: 32 Height: Somewhere between 5'11" and 6'0" Weight: 190bls BF: +-14 - 16% BMR: 1927.81 TDEE: 3286 Cal/day Goal: As per Title field, to add LBM on my bulking cycle of which the DBol pre-load is at the end of week 1. Cycle is as follows: D-Bol - 20mg/day 5 on 2 off -...
  5. D

    What is the best supplement stack for weight gain/increasing strength

    I have been considering taking a supplement stack and not sure which one I should take. My friend is currently using usp's which includes prime, jack3d, etc. He recommended bsn's. What are your thoughts?
  6. A

    Super Clean Bulk HELP!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey all this is my first post on this site. I was wondering if this diet that im doing is good for clean bulk, i want to gain lean muscle ONLY with NO fat added. Im 5'8 202lbs 13% BF Steroid FREE 9:30 Breakfast 1 cup oatmeal with 2 scoops protein and a banana 11:30 Snack Tuna with 5 egg...
  7. K

    I Have an Array of Gear, Design me the best Cycle.

    im 26, 6' 195lbs and have been thru 3 cycles. im not scared of needles and looking to start my 4th cycle to Gain thick solid muscle during the winter, and then to jump into a cutting/rip cycle to be ready by april/may for the summer look! Currently I have: 20cc of EQ 200 20cc of Sus 275 10cc...
  8. S

    Winter Bulking Cycle NEED ADVICE

    Need Advice on this Winter Bulking Cycle Backround: age-23 height-5′10 weight-190 bf% 12-15% I have taken D-bol alone as a first cyle 1 nd half year ago, this will be my 2nd cycle. I made incredibly gains on the dbol, goin from 185 to 215 and stayed solid around 205 after cycle. I started to...
  9. D

    Fat Loss/Bulking Cycle...need advice...

    Ok, I just started a cycle of Tri-Tren 150 and Winni. Background history is that I use to weight 260lbs of fat...did a lot of dieting and all and now I'm down to around 185 but have hit a wall with lossing fat, but now I'm trying to build some serious lean, dense muscle without water/fat...
  10. J

    My Buddy's First Cycle

    Well because my friend is too much of a wuss to post his own cycle and what he has he has told me to do it as he stands over me. He just got a boatload of different chemicals and wants to know the best way to stack them and take them while keeping the sides to a minimum. We've both been looking...
  11. C

    Need advice for a "middle-of-the-road" diet

    This is a long post so bear with me please. I am really in need of some advice. The last time I posted was a few months back in the muscle building/workout forum. I had been having some back trouble and some knee problems. So I took the good advice from wonderful members of EF and went to see a...
  12. U

    help me build please!!!!

    ok im 21 yrs old, and i weigh 165-170 at 5'7'' and i want to get back in shape. i heard the best way is to bulk up then cut down but i have no idea what kind of diet to be on for that or a workout routine. ive always been active in wrestling and boxing but they dont have a routine it was just...
  13. V

    My Cycle, critique....

    hey guys, getting around to running my 3rd cycle, 1st & 2nd cycle consisted of sus+deca, had decent results ect ect.. Diet consists of quality chicken, red meats, pasta, vegetables Just thought id put it out there and see what you guys think! Planning to run nice simple cycle to bulk...
  14. C

    Screw Cutting........Its time to Bulk!!!!!

    I am 19 years old, 5'11 190 lbs at 17-18% bf. I have tried cutting down but no matter what I do I just seem to never get good results so I really don't care anymore. Screw cutting down.....I want to get big! I have decent size now but I want to be about 210 lb. I am planning on shooting for 3500...
  15. H

    bulking - morning or evening training?

    guys, is it better to train in the morning or the evening when trying to bodybuild. i am going through a bulking season now.. ive heard in the morning test. levels are high which is a good thing...ive also heard in the evening you can burn off the carbs u ate throughout the day.... ?
  16. R

    Does test suspension ever go bad?

    So I've been thinking about getting on test suspension for a long time but now i think i might wait maybe four or five weeks. I have a good connect right now when it comes to gear and i dont know how long the connect is gonna last. So if i got the test right now, and kept it without using for...
  17. Boxingheels

    Is it better to cut first or bulk first?

    Hi Guys- So this is what I am wondering. I dont need this to be an exact situation but if someone is about 14-15% bf is it better that they do a cutting cycle or a bulking cycle first? Regardless which one is done first the other will follow so basically I am just wondering if it is better...
  18. Dominator Human

    Help With My Diet

    I am on week 5 of Test 500mg/wk and Deca 400mg/wk. I wanted to post my current diet and get your thoughts on this. This is what I will eat tomorrow: 1. 5:30am 6 egg omelet with 1/2 cup cheese, tomato, onions 2. 8:00am 3 cups raisin brain cereal w/whole milk 3. 10:00am 2 HB eggs and 1 cup...
  19. C

    HOW DO I USE Deca-Bol

  20. C

    Enantat 250

    Hey Im trying this new cycle. Dbol 50 (ed) week 1-2 then 2xs (ed) Enantat 250 3x week (mon. wed. fri.) 1cc per injection Tren 3x week (mon. wed. fri.) 1cc per injection Prop. (eod) 1 cc per injection I am 35 this is my 3rd cycle and I usually use Sust. and have never been able to use Prop...
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