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  1. W

    Bulking supplements truth

    I'm currently only 150 lb and I'm over 6 ft tall it's pretty embarrassing being skinny but it's not my fault I just have a very fast metabolism. I'm in my early twenties and I'm searching for a supplement that can help me bulk up when I work out. Can you give me some suggestions
  2. JimAbs43 Hardcore 2.0 #4 - Fall Bulking Cycles with Euro Pharmacies Hardcore 2.0 #4 - Fall Bulking Cycles with Euro Pharmacies
  3. C

    Injectable dianabol ?

    What is this stuff i see on some source sites where they are selling injectable dianabol? This stuff is awesome What would be the difference between injecting it and taking it Regularly by mouth would it be more effective that way? My goals are bulking I’m 6’ tall and 168 pounds 11% body fat
  4. JimAbs43 473 Best Steroid Cycles for Bulking and Newbies on N00bs getting scammed 473 Best Steroid Cycles for Bulking and Newbies on N00bs getting scammed
  5. M

    Bulking supplements

    what are the best bulking supplements I can add to my existing bulking cycle that I'm going to be starting. It will be a 12 week run and I will be also eating more food and and changing up my workouts to more of a strength based program
  6. S

    Leaning out more

    I'm down to 11% body fat and my abs are starting to show especially in the mornings when I wake up would be nice if they were popping out more. Right now i’m 174 pounds and 5’10’’ would taking dry steroids accomplish this goal or would i be better served bulking up a little bit then...
  7. JimAbs43 Underground 5 Winter Bulking Cycle: Geneza and Dragon Pharma. Underground 5 Winter Bulking Cycle: Geneza and Dragon Pharma.
  8. I

    rad140 is a good sarm or not?

    Is rad140 a good sarm for someone looking to cut down or should it only be used for bulking? I’m 5’10’’ and 300 pounds, I already lost 30 pounds over the summer so far. My goal is to drop down to my college weight if I take rad140 do you think it will accelerate my weight loss or should I try...
  9. S

    next cycle ideas small guy

    I’m 155 pound tiny bone structure 5’4’’ looking to hit my next cycle and I’m 11% body fat My previous cycle I did testosterone cypionate and had good results gained 10 pounds. This time want to get bigger without putting on fat. What do you think is the best way to do it?
  10. S

    Bulking on sarms

    40 years old 6 ft 1 in 195 lb I have been Lifting for 6 years. I'm looking at using mk-677 nutrobal heard it was very good for appetite so would it be good to use this for bulking or not, what other sarm Can I stack with it that will help me put on some size and keep my joints healthy
  11. T

    Should I eat only when hungry

    so who on here does this where they only eat when they're hungry. A lot of experienced people I've talked to including competitors have said that they're against bulking and eating when they're not hungry because it just makes them fat. They say that you should eat when you're hungry only and...
  12. T

    Best bulking supplements

    Everyone is always trying to lose weight but what about a skinny guys who are trying to gain? I'm currently 125 lb, and I'm 6ft tall. Friends make fun of me and call me a carrot. This summer I want to gain as much weight as I can. Which supplements would you recommend for me to use to gain 20 to...
  13. R

    Can't get below 15% body fat

    Although my next cycle I plan on bulking I still want to lose some fat before starting. The problem is I've tried sarms and steroids and still struggle to get below 15% which is my floor. I know diet is #1 so can you make any suggestions to what I can do to finally get through this barrier?
  14. J

    eating BBQ and bulking

    I hear that bbq is one of the healthiest ways to cook food, as long as you don’t char your meat and as long as you don’t use sauces which have a lot of sugar and spices. What do you guys think about me buying a bbq grill and using it to cook all my meat since it is so much easier then using the...
  15. B

    Just asking a few Questions for a perfect diet plan , please help me

    Question 1: which type do you prefer and why ? (Atkins/Ketosis) or Carb Cycling when it comes to fat loss and your opinion about combining intermittent fasting along side with them 16-8 method Question 2: how to deal with a skinny fat body , overall weight is low (65.5Kg for a 172Cm 20Years)...
  16. bommakr

    Diet and Order of Training

    Hey everyone, I'm using my old Phase I, Flex built, diet plan this month, but the difference is my time of exercise and the addition of a mass gainer for added cals. Hopefully you guys can provide some insight, but I work out in the mornings instead of the afternoon. What do you think should...
  17. P

    Help with Bulking Macros

    Bought this plan, are the macros sufficient for bulking...or over kill? Thinking that it has way too many calories...4000 plus calories... If I can cut out calories where should they come out of? And does anyone know how accurate the body circumference test is for body fat? What do you guys...
  18. X

    Need Help With Tren Cycle

    Hey bros! I'm looking to start a tren cycle, but as this is only my second cycle and I have never run Tren before, I could use some help in putting it together. I'm looking for a clean bulk. Here's what I've got so far after researching it. I'd appreciate y'alls input. Week 1 - Week 4 Tren...
  19. D

    Bulking cycle thoughts - Suss, EQ, NPP

    Planning out my bulking cycle which I will begin in a month or two, this will be my 4th cycle - 24 y.o, 194lb, 11%bf Looking to gain a decent amount of size, not too concerned about staying lean. I am thinking: 1-12 750mg suss250 1-12 600mg EQ (will front load) 1-5 40mg Dbol ED 2-10 600mg...
  20. D

    21 yo bulking - jaw surgery

    Hi, guys. I am going to undergo orthognathic surgery in about 5 months' time. My lower jaw is being advanced to fix my underbite. I have been training steadily since November 2011 and have increased my weight from 50 kilos to 65 kilos. Age: 21 Height: 1,73m Body fat percentage: 8% Training...
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