Hey all,
I've seen a dozen threads such as this. However, I don't see people asking my specific questions. I have a lump under my nipple. My pecs do not look to be forming any fatty tissue like I would see in a womans breasts. However, the fact remains I have a small, sensitive, pea sized lump under my nipple after I have started my 3rd steroid cycle. I'm running Test Cyponate and EQ. It's my first time running Cyponate as I usually use Test E. I dont't think this has anything to do with this. So, only thing I have on hand is Nolvadex. Will this help me get rid of my lump? Should I stop my cycle? I haven't got really good gains this time around yet as I'm into my 4th week. Only thing I've really gotten out of this cycle was this stupid lump . I'm kind of going crazy in my head because I do not want my pecs to grow into tits. Let me know what you guys think.

Oh, I've been running 2cc's a week of the test and 1 cc a week of the EQ.