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lots of side effects on testosterone

Some people are more sensitive than normal. So you might not tolerate Testosterone at higher dosages. Perhaps for you 200-300mg/week and stacking something anabolic with less androgenic side effects would be better.

I didn't see you mention estrogen control, so perhaps that is also a big reason why you're experiencing these annoying side effects.

Something tells me that you're not quite ready to cycle.
The answer here is the same as your other post. Your too young to be doing this at 23. You definitely have not researched effectively if your starting at 500 mg a week. All the answers you need are in the other post stop begging for attention and don't use steroids as you are one of the people who end up in a hospital with issues and give those that actually use responsibly a bad name.
I don't know anyone here that will say that 500mg of testosterone will not give side effects. That is 3-5x a typical TRT dose is per week!!!
Testosterone has side effects. Something like 500mg you feel heavy and have to control estrogen and be even more precise with your diet or you will look watery and soft. That bloat can also cause high blood pressure.
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