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Tren A, Test E, Deca.

we need a log out of you whether you decide to use steroids or not
obviously we're not going to be able to convince you yes or no
if you truly need help let's start with your pictures where are they
get your log Journal going and post up your pictures and post up your daily diet and training let's see if you're made of it
you're only 19 years old no need for steroids right now
go with supplements and log them there are plenty of good supplements out there
way too young for steroids but if you're going to use them you better use them right
post up your log Journal let's see what you got
Don't run anything at 19 it just is not worth it, you have no idea what you are getting yourself into, im 35 and just started running cycles and it's alot for me at my age, no way at 19 would I be mature enough and able to handle the sides that come with this.
Can't be using steroids at 19 bro. You will regret it so much down the road. If you only realized that your natural test numbers are around what mine are on cycle, lol.
I mean let's be honest with ourselves you could have easily posted you or 39 and nobody would have said anything to you so at least you're being honest

having said that are you aware of the risks and dangers of using steroids at your age?

And there are many other problems with it including economic problems why aren't you investing that money into your education?

besides that it is crazy to use tren at your age. and with deca too?

and your pct is horrible. I've been doing this a long time and seeing a lot of blood work and I can guarantee that you will be on trt before you hit 25 years old
just got a call from my medical yesterday to talk about my blood work and everything was fine, potassium was a lil bit up at 5.8 and good he told me that i need to eat more fat! monday am getting a copy of the blood work and uploading it! also doing another blood test same day my doc just wanted to make sure that the potassium wasnt a lab error!
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