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Approved Log Slyder 24 bulk cycle log

I am still around. Sorry I let the log fail. My parent are 92. Living alone. But been a rough year. I think my dad has been in hospital more than at home. Mom has lost about 80 eye sight so been taking care of her.
I have been in the gym about 5 days a week. Hitting it hard. Body feels good. Only two injections left and cycle end on end of this month.
Food has been good except mom leave fucking Oreo on the counter.
Even with that 207 is the max I have weight.
I started taking lexapro for my anxiety a couple weeks ago. I am finally sleeping good.
Been years since I slept well.
It will be nice to cut off this extra weight. My cloths don’t fit and breathing it tougher. It’s crazy what an extra 20-25 lb feels like. No it’s no all muscle. Hahaha I wish.
@Slyderkt sorry to see the situation and I missed you with the log.
would be a good way to slowly start coming back and updating us, we are waiting for you
You definitely have a lot of stuff you're going through
if you're having to take something for anxiety that's not a good sign
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