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  • its an estimate bro... why aren't you just sending me pm's? I can't give out any more info on it then i did... it will only be on n2bm... that's all the info i can give for now...
    Ive seem a lot of your post and man your a hell of a homebrewer and I have started my self hope that you wouldn't mind giving me some advice some time usa for life
    The liver is actually the only organ the regenerates like this. Mine shows only normal post-op changes and has full size and 100% function back. Dr. says I can drink, take hepatoxic meds like tylenol, statins, accutane, etc. if needed... so the deal is, I guess... I DON'T have any liver issues whatsoever. However, once upon a time I DID have some major ones and I worry that it could be more likely to happen again. Guess only time will tell. Oh, and the process is entirely natural... remove a large chunk of the liver and it simply regrows itself, no meds or anything else needed to promote growth.
    Hey, I couldn't help but notice your post about orals and your liver. I'm VERY curious about your liver regenerating after the surgery, specifically, were you given any special meds or dietary instructions to promote it growing back or is the process entirely natural once the cancer/growth was removed?
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