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Approved Log Slyder 24 bulk cycle log

Yesterday we did shoulders and arms
I ll try and remember all we did.
Not listed in actual order. Everything is 4 sets

Superset standing side delt raise 20 lb 15 rep
Seated side partial raise. 40 lbs 20 reps.

Superset standing upright row ez curl 15 reps
Rear delt pec deck machine 20 reps

Cable Machine side delt raises behind back with wrist cuff. 20 reps

Overhead press machine. 45lb each side 30 rep, 55lb 25 reps, 60lb 20 reps , drop set finisher 60lb 10 rep, 55lb 10 reps, 50lbs 10 reps, 45 lb 10 reps. ( last 10 coach would assist the lift and I did negative. Shoulders toasted.

Cable machine rope push down 45lbs 50 reps 50lbs 40 reps, 60lbs 30 reps 65lbs 20 reps.

Cross body pull down , reps 30, 20,15,10.

Dumbbells superset. All 10 reps. 20lb flat bicep curl, 25 lbs hammer curl, 30lbs cross body curl. ( last 2 sets up everything 5 lbs)

Underhand cable pulldown 4 set 25 reps.

Ez curl bar 60 lbs reverse grip curl 4 sets 15.

Preacher curl machine, one are at a time. Sit side ways 4 sets 20 reps.
Back door of a real gym.
And it ain’t just for show!


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Boring post work out meal.
60 grams rice Chex, apple and double scoop protein shake.
You know you are at a real gym when you look around and people are eating before. During or after.
More food here than some restraunts.
I needed something quick and easy to eat right after work out.. also help my sugar levels.
I’ll eat a real meal with real food when I get home in about two hours.
@Slyderkt real gym people eat a lot but same for mcdonalds lol :)
you pump it i like the meal
you are doing really good I like your preacher curl routine
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