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Approved Log Slyder 24 bulk cycle log

Yee haw.
I am back in the saddle. Still got some congestion but I finally feel better.
Tuesday hour of chest
Wednsday arms and shoulder. Not crazy heavy.
Thursday did Back and trainer kicked my ass for an hour and half. I did 8 plates on shrug machine. 4 set of 30 to finish off. If I remember correct 6 plates is my normal.
First set was 6 plates. Felt great so jumped up. Trainer even looked shocked.
I said I think around number 22 I am trying to move my traps. But I am not sure they are moving far. Hahahahaha
I would do 10 with pause at top and 10 fast then ten whatever I could.
Man it feels good to get back in the gym.
glad to see you feeling btr
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