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shoulder help recommendations

my shoulders are looking lean compared to my chest
I was wondering what I was doing wrong
I’m doing 5 sets flat bench, 4 sets incline, and 2 sets military on chest/shoulder day
why aren’t my shoulders growing? Should I start doing flies?

Lean as in lower fat. No. Not big enough. Lift heavier
You protect your shoulders by avoiding lifts where you are pushing over top your head. I do a lot of Lateral raises, front raises, and rear delt fly's to see my shoulders grow. Another thing is working shoulders after you have done shrugs for traps. If your traps are already tired your less likely to use them as you are trying to force weights up in a lateral raise. Also big traps tend to compliment and push those shoulder caps out. Probably just an optical thing, but my shoulder caps seem to bulge the closer my traps get to my ears.
You really have to be careful with shoulders to avoid injury. I wouldn't increase your workload since shoulders are hit on many other exercises. Make sure you are eating enough for growth too.
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