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    how to build big pecs/shoulders

    I’ve got a bird chest and I’m in my mid 20s would like to get my chest and shoulders wider what are the top lifts to accomplish that and how many sets should I be doing? Know about over training, don’t want to do that either
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    shoulder help recommendations

    my shoulders are looking lean compared to my chest I was wondering what I was doing wrong I’m doing 5 sets flat bench, 4 sets incline, and 2 sets military on chest/shoulder day why aren’t my shoulders growing? Should I start doing flies?
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    Shoulder pain in the gym

    I worked out my chest over the weekend and I couldn't move my arm afterwards. It's been a week and I tried bench and one plane to warm up and I started to feel a weird pain coming from my shoulders. I consider my form to be good can you tell me what's going on I'm only 25 and already having problems
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    Are there any steroids that can affect ribcage and shoulder growth (bone growth).

    Hi, rhysyjhys here. I was wondering whether steroids and hgh affect bone growth in the rib cage and torso after long term use? This may sound ridiculous but both can make the head and jaw bone bigger, i have watched it happen to my friend over the years and it suits him. Testosterone is...
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