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Approved Log RoidRage69 Cutting Log

excited to sub to this new one
if you guys haven't seen his previous logs you need to

Weight 251.8


Hammer Decline Press
Reverse Grip Freemotion Chest Press
Cable X-Over Flys
Dip Machine
Tricep Pushdown Double D
Rear Delt Machine
Ab Machine
Treadmill 15min
@RoidRage69 very few if anyone that big can drop so much weight, congrats! I checked your EVO log too @MUSTANG_18 told me about you.

IMO, @RoidRage69 for moderator has my vote!
Age 54
Height 5'9"
Weight 254

Ok so here it goes. Goal is to get down below 10% and be at 250lbs. Was 293 lbs July 11th so a 40lb loss in 6 months. Will be continuing to cut for the next 8 months and then do a bulk starting in the late fall. Ideally getting down to 220 before starting the bulk I should be well below 10%. Might be difficult as my body responds to steroids as if I am a first timer. Basically used alot in the 90's and then stopped for 25 years. Only training 6 months per year as I was a commercial fisherman my entire life. Also went through periods of about 2-3 years without even touching a weight. Body never really lost much muscle during the last 20 years. Heavy work load on the boat and heavy weights in the gym must have been a good thing for keeping muscle over the years. Anyway started my first cycle in over 20 years in July with TRT 200mg Test. A couple months later added in some Masteron, NPP, EQ and tried anavar and tbol a few weeks of each. Also started using 2IU GH daily since Sept. Will stay on GH as long as I can handle it. Currently on 150mg Test, 2IU GH, and .5mg Semaglutide per week. Starting in 10 days I start this cycle:

300mg Test Cyp/week
300mg EQ/week
200mg Masteron/week
1mg Semaglutide/week
3IU GH/day
10mg LGD4033/Day
10mg S23/day

Will run the Sarms for 8 weeks and then switch it out for 50mg Anavar/day for 8 weeks

My training is heavy. I grew up with Dorian as my idol. Met him and Lee Haney at the Mr.O in Orlando in the early 90's. Will be training 3-4 days per week. Eating aprox 2000 cal per day on lifting days and 1500 cals on non lifting days. 200 grams protein per day on all days is the goal. I dont believe in high protein. I think it causes more problems than it helps. Might go as high as 250 grams per day if I feel the semaglutide is eating away too much muscle.

First set of images are July 13th at 293lbs

2nd set of images are Dec 24th at 258lbs

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got a good base bro. want to see what you think the S23. Keep us up to date bro
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